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3 market lanes are “food paradise”, suitable to “eat” to fill up on a windy day in Hanoi

Those who have not eaten rib porridge at Dong Xuan market, eel vermicelli in Kham Thien market, or vermicelli in Vinh Ho market, probably have not gone all the way to the capital.

In Ha Thanh, it is not too difficult for us to find a shop selling rib porridge, vermicelli, or snacks. However, if you want to enjoy a delicious, proper restaurant, and still bring the bustling atmosphere of daily life, you must go to the market alleys. Although it is hidden deep in the heart of the capital, it is like a “food paradise”, having lost its way and it is difficult for anyone to want to leave.

Dong Xuan market alley

Dong Xuan Market Lane is not a strange name when it is located right next to the number 1 entertainment place in Hanoi – Sword Lake. The alley is only about 200m long, but it is like a miniature Hanoi because most of the famous dishes are sold.

3 market lanes are “food paradise”, suitable to “eat” to fill up on a windy day in Hanoi

Photo: @nngcmai

In which, Huyen Anh cartilage rib porridge has long become a favorite night dish of both tourists and locals. On cold days, after a leisurely outing, there’s nothing better than holding a bowl of hot porridge and munching on crispy ribs. However, it should also be noted that this house is always rich in flavor, if you are a light eater, please consider before deciding to visit, lest you have to leave the bowl of porridge for 40,000 VND.

Yen mixed tea is always in the top hot hit restaurant in Dong Xuan market lane. Here sells all kinds of tea and you can mix it according to your liking and the same price is 20,000 VND / cup. Another plus point is that the owner is quite easygoing, always happy to chat and suggest to the customers.

If the old town bun cha is delicious, the bamboo stick bun cha here is at a higher level when it retains the flavor of lemongrass, minced garlic and the smell of smoke when grilled. In particular, this is a rare popular restaurant that also sells river bones instead of balls.

Photo: @rushitochan

In addition, to the alley of Dong Xuan market, you can try to eat grilled rat bread, porridge, sticky rice wrapped with banana, noodle soup or shrimp cake of Ms.

Kham Thien market alley

Kham Thien street was too famous for the noodle soup shops, heirloom fried pho. But surely many of you did not expect that there is also a winding market alley about 700m long selling equally delicious snacks.

It’s also fried spring rolls like many other places, but this small shop with a few rows of plastic chairs has been attached to generations here for more than 10 years thanks to the dipping sauce that is considered “coffee”. Not to mention, cheese sticks “go into people’s hearts” with a fat appearance, can pull long fibers and “home-made” yogurt still holds the price of 3,000 VND / bag.

Photo: @huyen.rua, @tunlufood

There is no specific address, eel vermicelli is located at the foot of the collective area in the market lane. The most mouth-watering dish here is mixed vermicelli, chewy vermicelli, crispy eel mixed with spicy and spicy sauce, served with bean sprouts, laksa leaves and fragrant fried onions. Usually the shop only sells from 6 am to about 11 pm when it’s out of stock.

In addition, at the beginning of Kham Thien market, there are a few carts selling sugar cane meat rolls, grilled meat skewers, ham, sausages… that people here love.

Vinh Ho market alley

Unlike the two places mentioned above, Vinh Ho market lane is relatively unfamiliar to foodies. Because it is located quite deep in an alley at the foot of the Nga Tu So overpass, it is not convenient for the road, and many people mistakenly think that it only sells things for families to buy and process.

However, this is the gathering place of many noodle and vermicelli shops with “old age” of tens of years. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the 30-year-old noodle shop at 15B5 Vinh Ho. A full bowl of sweet and tangy crab-flavored broth, fresh and crispy snails, tender bare beef with spring rolls and lots of fried onions costs 35,000 VND, the perfect choice for breakfast or lunch.

In the alley of Vinh Ho market, there are also a series of shops selling fish noodles with tamarind sauce, but the highest score is Trung Vu vermicelli. Large piece of fish fillet, crispy outside, soft and moist inside. Plus homemade calamari and pork rolls, served with 2 types of tamarind sauce and chili garlic sauce.

“Must try” in this market must mention the rib porridge and sticky rice leaves. Here, in addition to selling a full range of breakfast dishes with childhood flavors such as fried ribs porridge, black bean porridge, duck eggs, there are also sticky rice leaves.

In addition, you can try equally attractive dishes such as Ngan sprouted vermicelli, pumpkin porridge, grilled beef with guise leaves or donuts, pillow cakes sold in the shops on both sides of the road.

Photo: Han Hyo Mii

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