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Which cafe do the Hanoi office ladies “hide” at the weekend to satisfy their hobby of painting?

Enjoying coffee while showing off your painting skills – an experience loved by Hanoi office workers at the weekend.

On weekends, if the office association wants to find a relaxing cafe, that combines mind-relaxing activities, you can go to cafes that integrate painting workshops to relieve the mood and learn more interesting things about art.

Couchsurfing Cafe

Address: No. 103A/2, Collective of Marxist-Leninist Institute, Alley 84, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Price: 290,000 VND/person (including art supplies + 1 drink)

Opening time: 8am – 11pm

Hiding in a mossy, ancient alley in Hanoi is a peaceful cafe full of art. Couchsurfing Cafe was built in the old architectural style, with a bit of a classic direction, giving visitors a cozy and rustic feeling. The shop is the “child” of close friends who are passionate about art, so it is decorated very “gout”. Most of the furniture from tables, chairs, and pictures on the wall are hand-designed by the owners themselves from wood, bamboo, or recycled materials.

Which cafe do the Hanoi office ladies “hide” at the weekend to satisfy their hobby of painting?

Photo: @couchsurfingcafe

A special feature is that on weekends, this place will open themed painting workshops. If you don’t know how to draw because you’re constantly typing on your computer, don’t worry. Anyone can become an artist under the cheerful and enthusiastic guidance of a teacher.

Photo: @couchsurfingcafe

Cheapie Coffee & Art

Address: 5 Nguyen Huy Tu, Bach Dang, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Price: 330,000 VND (excluding drinks)

Opening time: 9am – 9pm

Located right on 5 Nguyen Huy Tu street, Cheapie Coffee & Art is a coffee-painting complex that is very popular with young Hanoians. The shop has a small and simple space with two tones of white and beige brown, bringing a cozy and close feeling. Every week, the shop will have painting workshops on topics of your choice, with instructors with 3 shifts in the morning, afternoon and evening for you to freely arrange your free time.

Photo: @cheapieart

Here, you will be guided from the most basic things like mixing colors, using brushes to learning more about Acrylic colors and unleashing your creativity with this art. With a team of dedicated, caring and experienced teachers, Cheapie Art will help you confidently complete your painting. Anyone can participate in Cheapie Coffee & Art’s painting workshop, not just office workers, such as students or children. In addition to painting, Cheapie Coffee & Art also has many other interesting activities such as painting statues, shooting carpets, making bags… for you to enjoy.

Photo: @cheapieart

Mizu – Tea, coffee, snacks

Address: 101 K2 Lane 48, Ta Quang Buu, Bach Khoa Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Price: 150,000VND/person (excluding drinks)

Opening time: 9am – 10pm

Located on Ta Quang Buu Street, Mizu – Tea, Coffee, Snacks is a nice little cafe with a daily painting workshop that is worth a weekend experience with your kids. The shop has a dominant white tone with a Japanese-styled veranda, the space inside is quite spacious, airy, with a variety of seats.

Not only scoring with delicious, nutritious and cheap food and drinks, Mizu is also frequented by many office workers thanks to the advantage of painting workshops that take place throughout the week. If you come to Mizu to participate in a painting workshop on any day, any time of the week, there will be an instructor for you. In addition, Mizu also has many other interesting activities such as tarot readings on Fridays and numerology on Saturdays.

Photo: @yumvu, Mizu’s shop, Hua Anh Nhue, @myhanhme147

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