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Where to eat deliciously in Dong Da district? Take a look at hot restaurants that are enthusiastically reviewed

Where to eat in Dong Da district is a common concern of many tourists when they first come to Hanoi? Let’s refer to the top of the most delicious and famous restaurants in Dong Da in the following article.

Where to eat delicious in Dong Da district? Restaurants that “must try” when coming to Hanoi 

1. Duck shop 29  

Where to eat delicious in Dong Da district ? Are you a fan of duck meat? If yes, go to duck shop 29 located at 44 Thai Ha, Dong Da District. This is a famous duck restaurant in Ha Thanh thanks to the standard Beijing duck recipe, attracting a large number of tourists and local residents to enjoy. 

Where to eat deliciously in Dong Da district? Take a look at hot restaurants that are enthusiastically reviewed
Enjoy Peking Duck at 44 Thai Ha, Dong Da District. Photo: @hethongvit29

To bring Beijing-standard roast duck to diners, the owner went all the way to China to learn how to cook this duck dish. That’s why the duck of 29 restaurant has Chinese taste and style, guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding diners. 

In addition to roast duck as the main dish, the shop also sells many other delicious dishes. Photo: @hethongvit29

Duck meat is marinated richly, soft, not chewy, while the golden duck skin is delicious to look at. The attractive point of the roast duck is the special, rich, sweet, and delicious dipping sauce. Usually, the restaurant’s roasted duck is served with sticky rice, creating a delicious and attractive finger. 

Duck meat at the restaurant is prepared according to the traditional recipe of Beijing. Photo: @hethongvit29

In addition to roast duck as the main dish, the restaurant also has steamed duck, pan-fried boneless duck, duck sausage, bamboo shoot soup, hot pot and many other dishes such as traditional spring rolls, fresh spring rolls, seafood spring rolls,… Designed in Chinese style, bringing a nostalgic old experience to diners. 

2. Hanoi corner  

Where to eat delicious in Dong Da district? Please visit Hanoi Corner at 160 O Cho Dua, Dong Da district. This is the place to sell “7749” typical delicious dishes of Hanoi cuisine , satisfying the culinary passion of tourists from all over the world. Visiting Hanoi Corner, visitors will taste the traditional delicacies of Ha Thanh land. 

Hanoi corner is a restaurant selling many traditional Ha Thanh dishes. Photo: @hungrynini

Coming to this restaurant, the first thing that diners feel is an ancient space of Hanoi with a cyclo, with a delicately decorated small street corner. In that beautiful scene, enjoying Hanoi’s delicious dishes is also more complete. At the restaurant, customers can order snail spring rolls, fish cakes, chicken sticky rice, grilled meat, snails, chicken, beef,… as they like. 

The shop has all the attractive dishes of vermicelli, spring rolls, rolls, … of Ha Thanh. Photo: @oatandmaple

The dishes in Hanoi Corner are not too picky or tasteful. But all are meticulously cared for. Although they are just everyday dishes, they still exude the traditional quality of the capital’s cuisine. If you are afraid to go everywhere to enjoy Ha Thanh cuisine, you just need to visit here to order many favorite dishes. 

Hanoi corner with a diverse menu, old-fashioned space. Photo: @gochanoicorner

With the plus point of large and airy space and a very diverse menu, Hanoi Corner becomes the ideal choice for diners who do not know what to eat in Dong Da . You just need to prepare an empty stomach and a “full” wallet and then go to Hanoi Corner, the shop will serve all your culinary needs. 

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3. Crab soup cake 69

Where to eat deliciously in Dong Da district ? If you are a player of the “banh soup system”, the Crab Cake soup shop at 69 O Cho Dua is a suggestion worth considering. This banh chung shop sells all day for 45,000 – 80,000 VND / bowl of delicious and attractive banh chung. 

In Dong Da, there is an attractive crab soup restaurant at 69 O Cho Dua. Photo: @ninheating

As a favorite dining address in Dong Da district , the quality of its Banh Chung has been verified by diners. The shop uses fresh crabs, so the taste is delicious, soft and sweet, you will love it wherever you go. The broth is sweet, fragrant with garlic, and has a slight consistency. 

The bowl of crab cake soup is full of very attractive. Photo: @lee.hinn

The point that many diners love at the restaurant is that the crabs are peeled, which is very convenient to eat. Meanwhile, the noodles are soft enough, not crushed when eaten. A full bowl of Banh Chung often has crabs and quail eggs, fish balls, and shrimp cakes that are both plump and greasy, ensuring the best quality dish. 

Crab is peeled so it is very convenient to eat. Photo: @nick_kim07

Among many Ha Thanh crab noodle soup shops, Banh Canh 69 is still favored by diners because of its clean, fresh ingredients and handmade recipes. From noodles, broth to crabs, seafood is all prepared. In addition to crab soup, the shop also has oyster cheese, fried squid, … for you to freely order.

4. Flower Crab Soup

Perhaps O Cho Dua is the street with the most delicious restaurants in the Dong Da district. Because if you don’t know what to eat in this district, try Hoa’s crab soup at 151 O Cho Dua. This is not only a famous soup shop in the district but also famous in Hanoi, attracting a large number of diners from young to old people who often come to eat. 

Flower crab soup is a famous delicacy in Dong Da district. Photo: @trangdicafehihi

Hoa crab soup shop owns a spacious space with a 2-story design. Sitting in the restaurant, you can enjoy hot crab soup while admiring the surrounding landscape. This place mainly sells crab soup with accompanying toppings, making it easy for diners to choose the soup they like. 

This crab soup is so attractive, how can it be missed? Photo: @eatenbylong

If you don’t know where to eat delicious food in the Dong Da district, you should try once to visit this crab soup shop to enjoy a delicious, full bowl of soup. A bowl of soup usually has mushrooms, crab meat, corn, quail eggs, coriander, pepper with rich sweetness, the soup is just right, not too thick. If you want to eat more steamed crabs, you can order more to eat with hot crab soup.

5. Cube Beefsteak & Drinks 

Where to eat deliciously in Dong Da district , especially beef dishes? You should try to visit Cube Beefsteak & Drinks to enjoy the attractive Beefsteak flavor of the restaurant. This is a delicious beef restaurant located at 20 Alley, 211 Xa Dan Ward, Dong Da District. Beef lovers definitely cannot ignore this famous beef restaurant. 

Cube Beefsteak & Drinks is an attractive address for beef lovers. Photo: @2uang_

At Cube Beefsteak & Drinks, beef steak has 3 main sauces: cheese sauce, pepper sauce and BBQ number. Depending on your preferences, you choose the right sauce to feel the rich taste, tender and sweet beef. As with many beefsteak shops, a meal will include beef, salad, fries and bread. 

Tender, sweet beef prepared with 3 kinds of sauces. Photo: @cubebeefsteaks

The attractive point of this beef restaurant is probably the rich beef, the sauce is just enough fat and the bread is soft, not too crispy. Eating with sweet and sour salad is really “the top of the top”. In addition to Beefsteak, diners can also enjoy beef jerky and spaghetti or lamb with cheese sauce. These are all delicious dishes that are loved by many diners. 

You will enjoy attractive and delicious beef dishes when coming here. Photo: @cubebeefsteaks

With the suggestions in this article, you probably already know where to eat in Dong Da district, right? Of course, such a large area of ​​Dong Da district will have many other attractive culinary coordinates. However, these are the most delicious and outstanding restaurants that you should consider visiting when you want to do a “Food tour” in Dong Da. 

Photo: Instagram 

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