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The unique and unique dish of Ty Ba duck, a feat of processing more than 10 hours, is “out of the oven” in Hanoi

Ducks are boned and shaped like a pixie, marinated with more than a dozen herbs and spices, then dried for about 10 hours before being grilled. The dish has a strange appearance and taste, customers wait in long lines to buy.

Ty Ba duck is actually a grilled duck dish, but the bones are removed, only the neck bone is kept and shaped like a Ty Ba.

However, not only attracts diners by its unique appearance but what makes the dish attractive is also in the way it is marinated and processed.

The unique and unique dish of Ty Ba duck, a feat of processing more than 10 hours, is “out of the oven” in Hanoi
The Ty Ba Duck Shop on Chau Long Street is a favorite destination for many roast duck devotees and has been visiting for a year now.
The restaurant’s grilled duck dish has attractive colors and is specially shaped like a Ty Ba, causing curiosity to first-time diners.

Ms. Van (owner of a duck shop in Chau Long Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) has more than 20 years of experience as a chef. A few years ago, during a trip to Bangkok (Thailand), she had the opportunity to visit Chinatown and enjoy a Chinese dish of Ty Ba duck (also known as Ty Ba Duck).

At the end of the trip, she was still attached to this duck dish and cherished the intention of bringing the dish with that unique flavor and shape to serve customers in Vietnam.

Ducks are braced to the frame, forming a shape like a pistil.

According to the 50-year-old female chef, the duck chosen to make this dish must be a type of duck with a weight of 1.8-2kg, not too big or too small. After preliminarily cleaned, cut off the head, wings and legs, the duck was stripped of all bones, leaving only the neck bone.

This stage requires ingenuity and meticulousness, ensuring that the duck is cleaned of bones without tearing the skin.  

Next, the duck is marinated with herbs and spices, each a little according to its own secret, and then stretched into a dedicated frame with a circular design and a long handle like a Ty Ba. 

After marinating, stretching and shaping, the duck is hung up and dried for about 8-10 hours. This process helps the duck to evenly absorb the spices and make the skin firm, when grilled, it will be crispy as well as more beautiful.

Duck after roasting has a crispy crust, soft meat, and pinkish-red color.

Finally, the duck is put into the rotary oven at an even temperature. According to Ms. Van, the oven temperature must be standard, not too big or too small, only experienced people can do it to keep the skin crispy, not burnt or punctured, torn, ensuring aesthetics.

After roasting, the duck can keep its crispiness for two hours. For diners who are far away, the shop will vacuum-package the whole body, customers only need to re-bake it in an oil-free fryer or microwave before enjoying it.

The owner of the restaurant cuts roasted duck for guests to take home, and just enjoy.

Like some other roasted duck dishes, the thick sauce and crispy sweet and sour salted tubers are considered the “soul” of this dish.

The same is made from soy sauce, but the owner of the restaurant is seasoned and reduced it according to his own secret to creating a blend of sauces, with enough sweet and sour taste, suitable for most diners’ taste.

In particular, the papaya tubers are also carefully selected by Ms. Van and ordered from Da Nang because the papaya tubers of this land are quite small, and have a characteristic aroma and crunch. Sweet and sour salted tubers served with roasted duck not only help fight boredom but also enhance the attractive taste of the dish.

Mrs. Van’s duck shop is open from 9 am to 7 pm. 

Ty Ba duck has crispy skin, soft meat, served with sweet and sour salted tubers and thick dipping sauce.
In addition to grilled duck, the restaurant also serves duck mannequin, mixed duck legs, and bamboo shoot soup, making use of all parts of the duck.

Ty Ba duck is sold for 260,000 VND/head. In addition, the shop also sells duck leg mannequins, mixed duck leg or bamboo shoot soup.

On average, the Ty Ba duck shop sells hundreds of ducks every day. At the end of the month or the Tet holiday, the number of customers is more.

Each serving of grilled duck costs 260,000 VND, enough for 2-3 people to enjoy.

Anh Quoc Dat (in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) said that the price of this dish is a bit high compared to other roast duck dishes, but it is worth it.

“To make such an eye-catching and mouth-watering finished product, they have to spend a lot of effort and time, so I think the price is also suitable. Diners who are lazy to chew, and like to eat ready-made meat like me, love duck dishes. this lady.

You can enjoy hot roast duck or roll it with herbs, and rice paper and then dip it with a thick dipping sauce,” shared the 32-year-old guest.

The minus point of the restaurant is that it has a small space, does not serve customers to eat on the spot, and only sells takeout. 

At peak times, buyers may have to wait 10-15 minutes for their turn to order. In addition, about the taste of the dish, some diners have commented that the meat of the roast duck is sometimes a bit dry, suitable for people who like to eat lean meat more than those who prefer fatty meat. 

(Dan Tri)

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