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The turntable-shaped house in Bat Trang pottery village

HANOI – Visitors can take pictures to check-in, learn about pottery, shop for products or sip coffee to see Bat Trang from above.

The turntable-shaped house in Bat Trang pottery village
The center of the Vietnamese craft village quintessence was built on an area of ​​3,300 m2 with an investment of about 150 billion VND, located at No. 28, village 5, Bat Trang ancient village, Gia Lam district, about 15 km from the center of Hanoi. The center was built to honor the quintessence of his father’s pottery craft, to connect units and artisans who make traditional handicrafts and display unique ceramic products for visitors to enjoy.
The outside work has 7 rotating blocks representing 7 ceramic claws – an indispensable tool of traditional potters. The use of these giant spirals creates soft curving multi-faceted curves that impress viewers from the very first steps.
From another perspective, these blocks resemble the image of an ancient pottery kiln of the ancient Bat Trang people. The project makes full use of the ancient materials of the village such as traditional ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles and fired tiles… to create the most realistic colors.
From the beginning of January this year, the center is open for visitors to visit the interior spaces as well as shop for ceramics and handicrafts.
Each floor at the Elite Center of Vietnamese Craftsman Village has a different function. The first floor is the check-in space, the exhibition areas introducing ceramic products, the units and the typical ceramic artists of Bat Trang. This is an area that attracts tourists, especially young people in Hanoi and surrounding areas, who come to take photos from the beginning of 2021 when the building is still interior finishing and has not been officially opened.
Not only shopping, sightseeing, visitors can interact and observe pottery artisans.
The second floor is the area to introduce groups of ceramic products and handicrafts to domestic and foreign tourists, combined with the center’s management office block. The 3rd floor is a resort, homestay with 9 rooms, of which 2 legacy rooms have living space with tea table and sleeping space, 7 story rooms have only sleeping space and self-contained toilet. The 3rd floor also has a display area for exhibits and typical products showing the history of Bat Trang craft village in the past and present.
The 4th floor is a coffee space, an outdoor check-in point, while the 5th floor is a place to organize events, folk art activities and cuisine for visitors and guests. Currently, due to its new opening, the cafe only serves basic drinks such as coffee, tea, and snacks with prices ranging from 35,000 to 50,000 VND/dish. Most drinks are served in paper or plastic cups, whether guests sit down to drink or take away.
A corner of green space on the 4th and 5th floors of the building.
Currently, visitors can visit freely, with no entrance fee from 8am to 5pm daily, but must strictly comply with the 5K regulation and scan the QR code for medical declaration before entering. Visitors park motorbikes and cars right at the parking lot in front of the Center for Vietnamese Craftsman Village. Follow (vnexpress)

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