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Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang Pottery Village is located on the banks of the Red River in Gia Lam District, about 15 km from the centre of Hanoi. 

This is the oldest and most famous pottery village in Vietnam, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Bat Trang pottery village

Craftspeople carefully draw decorative patterns on products. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Kids enjoy making their own pottery products. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

The last and oldest kiln in Bat Trang is a famous place, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Foreign tourists learn about historical culture of Bat Trang pottery village. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Visitors can explore many pottery shops to browse through a vast selection of vases, bowls, cups, and plates. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Two Japanese kids choose pottery cups as souvenirs during their school outing trip in Bat Trang market (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Bat Trang ceramic and pottery products always maintain traditional characteristics. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Pottery products are arranged in the village’s oldest kiln. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Diversified Bat Trang’s products (Photo: VNP/VNA)

With a wide range of products, Bat Trang Village has become a popular tourist destination, attracting domestic and foreign visitors to the locality. (Photo: VNP/VNA)

Besides traditional ceramic products, Bat Trang also produces modern products, meeting demand of both domestic and foreign customers. (Photo: VNP/VNA)


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