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The homestay organizes a great party for visitors on Halloween

Here is one of the few homestays near Hanoi to “catch the trend” to organize events in response to Halloween for resort guests.

In the last days of October, on many major streets, commercial centers or shops are busy decorating and selling items such as pumpkin lights, costumes, etc. It can be seen, even though it is not a holiday. According to traditional Vietnamese customs, Halloween is also considered an opportunity for people to “have an excuse” to date or gather with friends.

And this year, the scope of people’s entertainment has changed a lot, not just around the inner city. Catching up with this trend, some homestays, in addition to providing resort services, also hold Halloween costume parties for visitors. And if you want to participate in this interesting event, please immediately refer to the following addresses, it is important that they are not too far from Hanoi.

Thien Phu Lam eco-tourism area

Thien Phu Lam is no stranger to many people in Hanoi in particular and neighboring provinces and cities in general. This place has enough from homestay service, picnic camping, training camp, swimming pool … so it is often chosen by collectives, universities or companies to organize exchange events, team building on a large scale. from small to large.

The homestay organizes a great party for visitors on Halloween

Photo: Thien Phu Lam

Photo: @anhh__29

Being so loved, of course, this complex also does not miss the opportunity to “fall in love” with visitors on the occasion of Halloween. According to the annual custom, those who are present at the eco-tourism area on this holiday will participate in the evening BBQ party and some activities such as costumes, finding treasures in the pine forest…Address: Hamlet 4, Lam Truong village, Minh Phu commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi.

TO Bavi Mountain

As an emerging name in the homestay group pursuing the retreat & glamping model, AAN Bavi Mountain is scored relatively high on reputable travel service sites. Most visitors after coming to experience are surprised to see that the area is nearly 1ha wide, but only receives 13 resort spots.

Photo: AAN Bavi Mountain

However, when this homestay with the most beautiful view of Tan Vien mountain in Ba Vi announced that it would hold a Halloween party lasting 2 days and 1 night, many people felt that the above scale was extremely reasonable. It won’t be too crowded, nor too empty for a costume party. And also become a mysterious space for “spiritual players” to freely “trade melons”, spend a night of “sleepless” glamping.

Photo: AAN Bavi Mountain

A small note that previous guests passed on is that AAN Bavi Mountain does not serve instant food or snacks, so you should prepare in advance or ask the host to help you. Because, if you want to buy, you have to move about 2km to a residential area.Address: Hamlet Mit – Mai, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi.

Sanh Homestay

The Northwest scenery is on its best days, attracting a large number of tourists. However, the experience in that majestic mountain place will be more complete if, when night falls, you can immerse yourself in a light and close dinner party with strangers who share the same passion for travel. And Sanh Homestay will help us realize this wish.

Photo: Kieu Nguyet Ha, Sanh Homestay

Unlike the homestays above, all 4 Sanh facilities will organize the same day earlier, on October 29. In the space of the mysterious party, visitors will have a campfire, cultural exchanges, face painting, makeup, and virtual living with models of pumpkins and sweets that have been carefully prepared by the host for many days. before.


– Facility 1: Ta Van Day 2 village, Ta Van commune, SaPa, Lao Cai.

– Facility 2: Mo Phu Chai village, Y Ty, Bat Xat, Lao Cai.

– Facility 3: Team 4, Sa Xeng village, Ta Phin commune, SaPa, Lao Cai.

– Facility 4: Ta So, Chieng Hac, Moc Chau, Son La villages.

Legacy Yen Tu

If you want to experience a more advanced version of homestay services, you can come to Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery. This year’s Halloween season, the resort has decorated a separate room area and planned many activities to respond, suitable for both groups of friends and families with young children. These can be mentioned as cocktail making class, Halloween cake-making class, parents and children dressing up as their favorite characters or Mandala painting meditation class.Address: Thuong Yen Cong, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh.

Photo: Legacy Yen Tu

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