09.10.2022, 16:54

The million-dong pumpkin hasn’t come to Halloween yet, but customers still order in droves

In recent days, Halloween pumpkin decorations have begun to appear in Ho Chi Minh City, although the price is nearly a million dong a fruit, customers still order it in droves.

At noon on October 8, at MM Mega Market An Phu supermarket (Thu Duc City), Mr. Le Hong (29 years old) was surprised to see a pumpkin stall decorated with all colors and sizes: “I am in need. Looking to buy this pumpkin to decorate the house for the upcoming Halloween. Surely the children will be very happy to see these pumpkins.

The million-dong pumpkin hasn’t come to Halloween yet, but customers still order in droves

Decorative pumpkins are sold at many supermarkets, flower shops, and bakeries in Ho Chi Minh City.

Decorative pumpkins have many colors such as orange, white, chocolate, orange stripes…; The price is different depending on the size. Specifically, 50,000 VND fruit from 300-60gr, 90,000 VND/fruit from 600-1.2 kg; 150,000 VND/fruit from 1.2-2 kg; 200,000 VND fruit from 2-4 kg; 400,000 VND/fruit from 4-8kg; 650,000 VND/fruit from 8-12kg…

Ms. Minh Trang, owner of a flower shop – high-class gifts on Quang Trung Street (Go Vap District), said that she had only offered pumpkins on her fan page, but customers had ordered a lot, so there were no goods for sale.

“In the past, decorative pumpkins were mainly imported, so the quantity was not much, so it was very scarce, despite the price of several million dongs, even tens of millions of dong/fruit. However, now some gardeners in Da Lat have grown this variety, the price is also softer, so many people buy it for decoration, “- Ms. Trang said.

Pumpkin comes in many different sizes and colors.

A representative of Dalat Hasfarm’s fresh flower shop system said that this is the first year of launching decorative pumpkin products grown by Dalat gardeners on Halloween. In which, the smallest fruit is only a few hundred grams, the largest fruit reaches 80kg, the price is about 60,000 VND/kg.

“Due to the first trial sale, we only brought to market about 2,000 decorative pumpkins. However, just offering it, many customers have ordered it. This is a very good signal for us to continue to grow this squash variety in the next year,” said a representative of Dalat Hasfarm.

This year, a lot of people tend to choose strange and expensive imported pumpkins up to millions of VND/fruit to decorate their homes. In particular, the tiny pumpkin with many strange shapes is currently very hot. At this time, it is not difficult to see posts selling tiny mutant pumpkins on the “web market” with prices ranging from 130,000 to 200,000 VND/kg.

The type of squash has a relatively soft price, about 200,000 VND / fruit, which is popular with customers

According to research, this type of pumpkin is mainly for display, if used to cook dishes, it is not as delicious as regular squash because it is spongy and not sweet.

Halloween is a big traditional festival in Western countries, held on October 31 every year. Pumpkin is one of the symbols of this festival. In recent years, Halloween has become a popular festival in Vietnam.

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