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The western girl left the street to Da Lat to do gardening

Although she was from the West of the river, the 9X girl chose Da Lat as a place to leave the street to return to her hometown with the desire to find happiness and peace because human life only lived once.

The Western girl chose Da Lat to experience.HONG NHUNG

Choose Da Lat as the place to leave the street to go home

Born and raised in a farming family in the land of Tien Giang, To Hong Nhung (30 years old, now a single mother) was soon familiar with fields and fruit trees. Nhung grew up in Ho Chi Minh City to study and work. Graduated in information technology and worked in this industry for many years. Nhung’s days are tied to computers, with the four walls of the office.

One day, Nhung felt tired of the office environment, with a computer keyboard and especially bored with the noisy city life, so she decided to give up all her work to return to Dalat to live. So the mother and daughter hugged their backpack and moved their clothes to Da Lat land. Because according to Nhung, just walking and not calculating anything, where I go is a predestined relationship.

Leaving the information technology job, Nhung chose to leave the city to live in Da Lat

Coming to Da Lat, a western girl went to many places to find a house to rent and felt very different because cultural differences were difficult to integrate with the community. However, in return for Nhung is the fresh air, closer natural scenery and especially friendly people.“Many people asked me why I did not go to the West but went to Dalat so far, only mother and daughter. My family did not agree to let me go at first, but I persuaded my parents because life was mine and I was responsible for everything, then they happily accepted ”, said Nhung. shall.

Growing vegetables and roses is Nhung’s work after returning to the garden

Nhung said that she was born in a pure farming family, but since she was a child, she never went to school to pick up hoes or pull weeds. But in Da Lat, Nhung’s life completely changed. She teaches herself and does everything. Over time, the hands that hit the keys every day are now darker and more hampered by the work that Nhung has never thought of.“There are some guys who say that I’m a girl, making my limbs bad, her appearance also deteriorates, it is difficult to attract a boyfriend, I hear it laugh. Happiness for me is voluntary, people who like me will surely come ”, the western girl shared.

Velvet grows vegetables in the back garden of the homestay

Happiness is being in harmony with nature

Choosing peaceful but does not mean leisurely, Nhung makes money by helping his brother take care of the homestay. There is a place to live for both the mother and her son, and close to the school for her to go to school.Nhung’s morning is really peaceful. She got up early, cleaned the house, fed the cats and dogs, and watered the plants. 

When she was free, Nhung pulled out the wooden furniture and saw it, hand-built some products to decorate the house. Then ready to record video clip introduction to a personal channel. For a long time, Nhung was alone in his brother’s field to plant trees. Plowing alone is also just to mingle with nature.

Going to the field to pick coffee

Occasionally, Nhung would go to the garden to watch the vegetable beds grow lushly each day by herself. Or watch the hand-made wooden furniture that is not excellent, but the feeling of happiness is indescribable. The scenery around the Nhung house is a valley, surrounded by pine forests. In the morning, the clouds filled the way, the birds sang the sky, the cool air made people’s moods softer and lighter. 

These things make Nhung feel extremely happy. According to Nhung, when looking at the life in the city, working as a monthly employee of several thousand dollars, the current life in the countryside is completely different. But she still chooses to live away from the street to her hometown with her love. Nhung said: “Sometimes I am hungry and lack of clothes, but every day I am happy.”

Velvet wood frames themselves in Da Lat

With peaceful Nhung is the present, life is chosen by me and satisfied with it every day. Many people say that when you are young, you have to make money so that you can take care of your children later on, but Nhung thinks differently. Each person only lives once in their life, then choose a life that must be worthy of each day.

According to Nhung, life in Dalat is a choice, not a trade-off. Going through challenges with her daughter, experiencing real-life every day, sharing positive things when leaving the city to everyone with her is happiness. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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