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9X boy left the street to his hometown to become a billionaire by raising dogs

Not following the profession of growing pepper, the traditional coffee of the farmers in Dak Lak, the 9X boy left the street to his hometown to find a way to turn directions and succeed with the model of pet dogs.

Young billionaire after leaving the street to return home to start a business.

Play with when leaving the street to return home

Only about 4 years starting from a dog breed, so far the young Hoang Van Tien (31 years old, Katy 2 village, Chu Kbo commune, Krong Buk district, Dak province, Lak) has developed a herd of dogs up to 150 children. with the amount of billions of dong. However, to achieve that achievement, Tien could not forget the arduous journey when he chose the path to leave the street to his hometown.

As many young men were born and raised in their native land, Dak Lak, Tien recalled. Adulthood Go to the city to continue your education. Tien passed the college level of the University of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City. With a lot of nostalgia in him, the student began his way to explore the world around him. One day Tien felt that the path to school is not the only path to success, he decided to stop studying in the middle.

Tien’s dog farm

Going to work, practicing business , working as a hired laborer, but still not getting what he wants. “When deciding to return to my hometown, I kept pondering over. In the city there are many opportunities why I couldn’t do it. Feeling worthless, not yet lucky. I did a lot but I didn’t do anything, I found the city life getting stuffy. I’m bored, leaving the city to go home to find other opportunities, ”Tien said.

Then he continued: “Back home, I became less active, less communicative with everyone. Sometimes I play with not knowing what to do. The time I sit and draw many strategies, many ways to do it. In the end I just want to do something successful in my homeland ”.Peaceful feelings, fresh climate, fertile land in the countryside are what many people dream of. Tien participated in many start-up activities in the countryside such as growing pepper and coffee on the fields like a genuine farmer. 

Then the pepper died, the coffee price dropped, Tien lost nothing from the first crop. Realizing that the trend of raising strange dogs is “making rain and wind” on the forum. It took him 3 days 3 nights to read and learn the market. “At that time, there was only about 2 million VND in my pocket, I borrowed more money to cover 10 million VND to buy breed dogs. Except for the cost of the first dog coming to Dak Lak, I paid just 10 million. This is an opportunity for me to rebuild my life, ”Tien said.

From the coffee field, Tien improved to a place to raise dogs and accompanying services

The first Husky dog ​​produced a flock of cubs, and then he imported two more breed dogs. However, the puppies died suddenly from intestinal disease. Tien once again lost all his investment assets from dogs.

Become a billionaire with a dog He went back to the city to learn how to raise pet dogs for a while. Certainly, Tien returned to his hometown to remake his three husky-like dogs. He borrowed billions of money to invest. Land of 4,000 m 2 coffee growers was bulldozed into the first camp in the commune kennel. Thanks to the fresh climate, cool space is suitable for ornamental dogs. Carefully taking care of the procedures and techniques, the dogs gradually develop. Hundreds of exotic pet dogs have been born healthy from the red basalt land. It took 1.5 years for a chain of farms including Tien’s pet hotels, pet cafes, and dog farms to be formed.

The air is cool and airy, suitable for the development of dogs that Tien has raised

According to Tien, farmers in the countryside have not been able to do it because of limitations from thinking, technology and breakthrough. Realizing that shortcoming, Tien changed and successfully applied it through approaching 4.0 technology . He sells dogs online through many intermediary channels. The distance between rural and urban areas is now not too far away from customers with Tien. Each Tien dog sells from 5 to 25 million VND. After about 4 years, Tien has had a profit of billions of dong since his start-up .

“When I was successful, many young people came to me to teach jobs and stay for free. They have practical experience in taking care of dogs every day. Up to now, there are 13 apprentices on this dog farm. That is what I repay life and help you start a business like me, ”he said.

9X boy left the street to his hometown to become a billionaire by raising dogs
Go with young people who are passionate about raising dogs

In addition, Tien also wants to help farmers become a breeder if they love pets. Willing to support young people starting from pet dog farming and can export many breeds of dogs abroad.“I feel lucky when I look back on my failures. Finally, I have chosen the right path to get where I am today ”, Tien shared about his journey to leave the street to his hometown. Follow Thanh Nien online

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