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What is the property of famous Vietnamese MCs: NS Quyen Linh and Truong Giang?

MC Quyen Linh, Dai Nghia, Truong Giang, Tran Thanh all own huge assets.

The entertainment industry is growing with a series of gameshows being released and a successful program is indispensable for characters capable of leading the audience’s emotions, that is, MCs. Currently, when it comes to MCs, the four familiar faces that the audience can immediately name are none other than NS Quyen Linh, Dai Nghia, Truong Giang, and Tran Thanh. It can be said that they are the set of 4 MCs with the widest coverage at the moment.

In these 4 people, the public can easily recognize the common point, which is grace, eloquence, quickness and understanding. After many years of serious and persistent work in the profession, the most expensive MCs in Vbiz all have a rich life, possessing a fortune that makes many people admire.

MC Quyen Linh

NS Quyen Linh is favored by many people with the name “National MC”. The reason is not only from the coverage but also from the male artist’s volunteer work for the poor people. Inheriting the generous and humorous personality of the people of the West, MC Quyen Linh received the love of the audience when he turned to be an MC. Since then, the male artist has become an expensive show, appearing in many TV shows, acting as an advertising representative, etc.

Quyen Linh is an indispensable name when it comes to popular MCs in Vietnam

Programs associated with MC Quyen Linh’s name such as Beyond Yourself, You Want to Date,…

Currently, MC Quyen Linh is living with his wife and 2 children in a villa located in District 7 priced at more than 20 billion VND. Quyen Linh’s property has an area of ​​500m2, with the main white color, designed in European style, conceived by his wife herself. The villa is fully equipped with its own storage room, karaoke room, swimming pool,… Besides, the garden space surrounding the house creates a natural and comfortable green color.

What is the property of famous Vietnamese MCs: NS Quyen Linh and Truong Giang?

MC Quyen Linh’s villa of more than 20 billion in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

At the end of 2018, Quyen Linh caused a stir when buying the latest car of a famous brand. Before that, the male MC also owned a car worth 6 billion VND. The actor Dong Tien Bone and Blood  is also not afraid to invest in the education of his two daughters, Cinderella and Chestnut. It is known that from childhood to adulthood, MC Quyen Linh’s two daughters both attended BVIS (British Vietnamese International School) – British Vietnamese International School. This is also considered a school with a tuition fee of more than 200 million/year.

The luxury car MC bought in 2018

From a young age, the two daughters of Quyen Linh’s family studied at an expensive international school

As a person who came up from a miserable life, MC Quyen Linh, although owning a fortune may be the dream of many people, he still chooses a simple and comfortable lifestyle. The image of Quyen Linh wearing ordinary clothes, wearing honeycomb sandals carrying each bag of rice to the poor has become familiar but especially in the hearts of the public.

Despite being rich, MC Quyen Linh still lives a simple life

Image of male MC doing charity during the epidemic season

MC Dai Nghia

Dai Nghia is famous as an expensive and rich MC of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Thanks to her charm and humor, Dai Nghia has been chosen by many programs to “choose her face to send gold” such as Voice Ai Voice, Thank God You Are Here, Comedy Challenge, …

MC Dai Nghia is a familiar face of many game shows today

At the end of 2020, the pictures inside Dai Nghia’s superficial villa in District 7 were shared, making many people “O eyes, A mouth”. The MC’s property is designed in a modern style with luxurious and expensive furniture. This is also the result after many years of his artistic activities.

MC Dai Nghia’s massive property

Despite owning a “terrible” fortune, Dai Nghia does not brag about it.Over the years, he has chosen to live a simple life, become a vegetarian, and actively engage in charity activities.

MC Dai Nghia is one of the most active volunteer artists

MC Truong Giang

Coming from a comedian, Truong Giang’s name “rises like a kite and meets the wind” after the role that made the brand – Muoi Kho. The male artist not only runs comedy shows continuously but is also marked by hit movies. Although not specialized in the field of hosting, when encroaching on the field, Nha Phuong’s husband also completed the round thanks to the “humorous blood” available. Day by day, Truong Giang becomes talkative and in recent gameshows, the male artist plays the role of “older brother” as MC, leading juniors with extensive experience and knowledge.

Truong Giang is currently a familiar MC of many popular programs such as 2 Days 1 Night, Running Man Vietnam, Fast as Lightning,…

Multi-talented and active in many roles, Truong Giang’s income is not small. Currently, Truong Giang is a business owner in the field of hotels and restaurants. Along with that, the male MC also owns “terrible” real estate such as a villa in Phu Quoc priced at VND 15 billion, a luxury apartment in Ho Chi Minh City and recently a spacious villa located on the outskirts of the city. In addition, Truong Giang also buys luxury cars to move.

A coffee shop in Quang Nam of Truong Giang doing business

Truong Giang overwhelmed many people when he said that the luxury hotel where Ngo Kien Huy went to participate in a program was also owned by the comedian.

Truong Giang’s house worth 15 billion in Phu Quoc

Truong Giang and Nha Phuong are quite “cool” when they continuously open many restaurant branches

Truong Giang’s vast mansion in the suburbs, this is where the actor and his family rest

MC Tran Thanh

Tran Thanh is currently one of the MCs with a large fan base in Vietnam. Not only excelling at “holding the mic”, but her husband Hari Won is a multi-talented artist in many fields of art such as acting, singing and more recently as a director. With the charm of the name Tran Thanh, it is not difficult for the public to be surprised by the male MC’s “not-so-medium” wealth.

Tran Thanh is a talented MC of the Vietnamese entertainment industry

Tran Thanh has many real estates of great value. Specifically, after the wedding, he and his wife Hari Won lived in a high-class apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. In May 2019, the famous couple spent VND 7.5 billion to buy an additional 100m2 luxury apartment overlooking the West Lake in Hanoi.

Real estate located in Ho Chi Minh City of Tran Thanh and his wife

Tran Thanh also owns its own collections of brands with “heavenly prices” such as perfumes, watches, and luxury cars from famous brands in the world. Among the expensive brands of Tran Thanh worth mentioning is the brooch. Nam MC did not hesitate to spend hundreds of millions of dong to bring back 14 pins.

Perfume collection up to 600 bottles

Watch models that Tran Thanh often wears in public

The brooch collection is worth more than one hundred million

Photo: Internet

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