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Not a penthouse or a duplex, this is the “gut” of Vietnamese artists: An area of ​​thousands of square meters, with a “4-sided” apartment of natural wood, separate from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Not townhouses, the “nests” with a super-sized area, up to thousands of square meters of Vietnamese artists, make people admire and admire.

Instead of choosing a smart, modern house like a Penthouse or a Duplex, many Vietnamese stars prefer to spend a lot of money to build a garden villa separate from the crowded city to make a place to relax and have fun. 

Looking at these villas, no one can deny that this type of architecture gives homeowners a beautiful space that few other types can do.

1. The 500m2 garden villa of MC Quyen Linh

The garden villa of MC Quyen Linh is located in Phuoc Kieng residential area, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. According to research, this 500m2-wide nest was conceived by the male MC’s wife, businessman Da Thao, with a harmonious combination of European design style and rustic garden style. From the outside looking in, the white tone of the house and the green color of the garden create a friendly living space, close to nature. 

The highlight inside the villa is the spacious and beautiful garden with a variety of flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit trees. Right from the entrance gate, path, fence in the villa, MC Quyen Linh and his wife always know how to take advantage of the gaps to plant more trees and flowers. This partly shows the simple and rustic personality of this Western-born male MC.

Not only that, the green space also “spills” into the house with the dominant white tone. Da Thao’s wife also often cuts flowers in the garden to show every corner of the house. Under the hands of the owner, the house is more poetic, luxurious, modern and cozy.

Not a penthouse or a duplex, this is the “gut” of Vietnamese artists: An area of ​​thousands of square meters, with a “4-sided” apartment of natural wood, separate from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, the outside space also has a small swimming pool to serve the swimming hobby of the two little princesses. In his spare time, the famous male MC with his wife and 2 daughters enjoys the warm atmosphere of the garden without having to go far.

Family members also often take turns tending and harvesting this vibrant garden.

2. Villa like a resort on the land of thousands of square meters of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac

Although he did not directly share about this “villain” house, the daily life videos with his family that NS Xuan Bac shared on his personal page also revealed a part about the huge billion-dollar mansion. 

On an area of ​​thousands of square meters, the male comedian’s main house is built entirely of natural wood according to pure Vietnamese architecture with bright red tile roofs, has a porch to relax in and is surrounded by green gardens and a lake. luxurious koi fish, many kinds of expensive plants. 

Most of the land is used for gardening, planting trees and shaping the mountains, creating a feeling of closeness to nature. In addition, artist Xuan Bac also built many other small houses around the big house. This idea was inspired by a movie he loved. 

Thereby making the living space more beautiful and poetic. The garden is also a gathering place, meeting friends and family of artists every weekend. Looking at the property of NS Xuan Bac, I understand that he has devoted a lot of effort to building and taking care of this home.

3. Villa like “park” of Truong Giang Artists

In addition to the famous restaurant chain, Truong Giang and his wife also own very superficial houses, especially garden villas such as 5-star resorts in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

The spacious garden house was named “Destiny Inn” after her daughter. This is a peaceful place for the family to rest after a busy day at work. As a simple person who loves nature, artist Truong Giang spends a lot of time creating a space like a peaceful country garden.

In his villa, the owner chooses white as the main color. The interior is also selected and decorated in a minimalist and luxurious way. The kitchen area is simply decorated, with a little bit of the old kitchen space.

Although not disclosing the specific area, many people estimate that the land of Truong Giang family owns about a thousand square meters and most of it is invested by the owner for a spacious and airy garden that is no less than a resort. 

The male comedian raised fish by himself and plowed the land to plant trees, vegetables and fruits… so that his family could have a source of clean food. Many colleagues of the male comedian who have visited this garden villa also have to admire and admire the large campus. Some people even think that this villa is majestic “like a park”.

(Synthesis: danviet, trithuctre, thanhnien, bao Giaothong, …)

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