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9X boy makes portrait pictures of nails thanks to the algorithm

During the break of COVID-19 translation, Le Van Manh (Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) learned and decoded how to make a portrait of a nail through numbers.

Mr. Le Van Manh goes the first steps to his common foot

Using computer algorithms, he used a nail and thread to create a unique picture in Vietnam.

Starting to learn from April 2020 through videos on foreign social networks, Mr. Le Van Manh always asked the question why only from nails and threads, seemingly simple connections can be portraits. complete.

He began to consult and find many documents about this art subject. However, because this line of paintings is not really popular in the world, he has to tinker and find a rule to practice. 

“Between the nails and the thread, they certainly have a relationship to be able to connect and shape. It is not easy to align, find the path of the thread through each nail, but sketch out the outline. I found an algorithm using autocad software on my computer to find the relationship between the position of the nails. After many trials, I found a way to make this line of pictures, “he explained. prefer.

In the first 2 months, Mr. Le Van Manh tried many recipes as well as how to make paintings with many kinds of threads. From simple to complex portraits, small to large in size, with a face with a rough texture to soft, he has grown accustomed to mastering the art of shaping and creating.

Before working, nails will be placed around the picture frame according to the available ring ruler to ensure even space between them

The painting process was “digitized” by Mr. Manh and simplified the steps from selecting frames, nails to the right path. 

After choosing the portraits to do, he used software to analyze the light and shadow, and then used an algorithm to solve a series of suitable numbers. 

“Depending on the perception of each person, the color calibration on the computer will be different, thereby giving the sequence of different numbers. Picture frames such as circle, heart shape, square will determine the layout, connection between each nail and thread. So for beginners, circular frame is the easiest choice “, Mr. Manh shared.

From the sequence of numbers solved, the worker only needs to move the thread to suit each position of that nail, on average the number of nails for a picture is from 200 to 400 pieces, the number of threads scrolls through. nails on pictures are 3,000-5,000 times and it takes 6-12 hours to complete a portrait of a nail.

Up to now, Mr. Manh has made about 40 portraits of characters. He said that people who follow this subject need to have maximum patience and concentration in the process of doing. “If the thread goes in the wrong position of the nail many times, it will lose the soul and depth of the character’s face, the thread will confuse the viewer and not look like the image of the real person,” he added.

Currently, Mr. Manh is opening a free painting class for passionate people to start making. In the future, he will learn more about how to make color thread paintings and combine some other new and novel techniques.

The painting of two famous faces, on the right is a portrait of National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, and on the left is actor Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

Portrait of Nguyen Ngoc Manh – the hero after helping a little girl fall from floor 12A in Hanoi apartment

The face of the Russian girl through Manh’s skillful hand

Mr. Manh rearranged the display order of his paintings at Ngoc Anh Gallery in Saigon. In Manh’s hand is a portrait of the General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong

Mr. Manh nails a type of decorative nail into a picture frame, on average, it needs 200-400 nails

Only one nail can be rolled over in the order solved from the algorithm. In the process of making pictures, only a single and continuous path will be given. Follow Tuoi Tre Online

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