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Tourists feel like royalty when wearing ao dai

Foreign visitors love the national dress of Vietnam, some say that ao dai brings a sense of nobility and royalty.

Dajana Hoxhaj (24 years old), a visitor from Albania, loves Tet, loves the way families get together and feels excited to be immersed in the warm atmosphere of this holiday. She said: “I really like ao dai, this is a special outfit so everyone looks as luxurious as the royal family. During more than 2 years living in Vietnam, the number of times I wear ao dai is even more. the country’s traditional costume “.
Tourists feel like royalty when wearing ao dai
Gianluca Ardiani (41 years old), Italian tourist taking pictures at Kim Lien Pagoda, Hanoi. This year was the first time he wore an ao dai and felt like a prince from the past. “I find it funny when people on the street staring at me, a Western guest wearing ao dai, maybe they find it strange. Tet is a special occasion, after a while living in Vietnam, I understand why People often say ‘Happy like Tet’, ” said Ardiani.
Shayne Brownlie (32 years old) from South Africa in Tra Que Vegetable Village, Hoi An. Shayne loves ao dai, feels proud to wear it, and sees it as a symbol of feminine beauty. “Tet is my favorite time of the year. It’s wonderful to see bustling markets, red and yellow shops, and flowers on both sides of the road,” she said.
German tourist Anna Wilters (24 years old) shows off photos of ao dai at the lotus garden of West Lake (Hanoi). She thinks that ao dai is interesting because it is designed like a long skirt with pants underneath. “With ao dai, you can freely combine many different styles of shirts and pants. I think this is one of the most unique traditional costumes in the world that Vietnamese people should be proud of”, Anna shared.
Taking photos with ao dai in the new year has become a habit of Ronette Lasin (25 years old) from the Philippines, who has lived in HCMC for the past 4 years. Every Tet comes, she has a new ao dai. “I can wear ao dai for Tet or special events. The ao dai makes me feel feminine and elegant. With my photo series, I hope visitors all over the world can see them. How beautiful is the Vietnamese tradition, ”she said.
Harry Hodge (white ao dai, left) is from Canada, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. Married to a Vietnamese wife, he often takes photos of Ao Dai with his family on Tet. Every year, he and his wife change ao dai for the whole family. He likes to welcome the new year in Ho Chi Minh City because the streets and houses are brightly decorated.
Chen Yu Tung (28 years old), a Taiwanese tourist, took pictures at the ancient house of Binh Thuy (Can Tho). When she first came to the ao dai rental shop, she was surprised because there are so many different styles for teachers, students, brides … “I found wearing silk dresses very comfortably, not as hot as I thought. Many friends complimented me on wearing a beautiful ao dai and looking like a teacher, “she said.


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