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Stunned by the super weddings across the country: The cost is up to tens of billions of dong, the menu is full of delicious food, big size lobster, the bride and groom’s body is admired by everyone.

From a few billion to several tens of billion dong, these are clearly the most extravagant, splendid and luxurious weddings ever held in the past few years.

The wedding ceremony is always the most important event in life, so many couples and parents also want to invest their heart, money, … if conditions allow, the wedding day will be the most beautiful, sparkling, and memorable. Best.

Here are the most lavish and luxurious weddings around the country that make public opinion stir from the status of the bride and groom to the grandeur of the wedding reception.

Wedding of the century of Vietnamese artists

The “wedding of the century” after 10 years together of the most anticipated artist couple in Vietnamese showbiz – the groom Ong Cao Thang and the bride Dong Nhi – took place magnificently and meaningfully in Phu Quoc, with many many guests participating are famous artists and longtime friends of both the bride and groom, such as Viet Huong, Le Quyen, Thanh Thuy, Duc Thinh, Ngo Kien Huy, Khong Tu Quynh, Anh Duc, Truc Nhan, BB Tran, Duc Phuc, …

Stunned by the super weddings across the country: The cost is up to tens of billions of dong, the menu is full of delicious food, big size lobster, the bride and groom’s body is admired by everyone.

The wedding was held right on the beach, with all the seats of the guests and the stage area decorated in white tones, in the direction that could catch the sunset at the end of the day. What a wonderful and poetic space for a grand ceremony.

The wedding party with a menu full of lavish and expensive dishes such as scallops, lobster, abalone, …, really made us admire.

In order for the ceremony to be successful, it needs the service of 1,000 staff to decorate the landscape, rooms, and transport equipment for the wedding of Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang. The wedding venue is also all-inclusive at the beautiful Phu Quoc beach with an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters. It is known that the estimated cost for the couple’s wedding is up to 5-7 billion VND, which is a huge investment of the couple for the most beautiful day in the world.

The wedding “200 golden trees” captivated the online community nationwide

One of the most popular weddings in Vietnam in recent years is the “wedding of 200 golden trees” – between the bride Tran Thu Huong and the groom Nang Tinh – which took place in Nam Dinh. It is known that the bride has a not-so-medium family background, when her parents are famous businessmen in Nam Dinh, doing business in the shipping industry and owning many prime golf courses. The groom is also the son of a famous businessman specializing in shipping and shipbuilding, who owns a famous villa in Thanh Nam.

Called the wedding of 200 gold trees, because, at the wedding, the bride was given 200 gold trees and 2 red books by her parents – an admirable dowry gift for any bride.

The super wedding was held in a luxurious villa, the entire wedding theater was also decorated with imported fresh flowers. Especially the appearance of expensive supercars such as the 7th generation Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley, …, deepening the lavish color of the wedding ceremony.

The menu of the ceremony is also very worthy, with many expensive dishes such as lobster, foreign wine, …

With all that glamor, the cost of organizing the wedding must also be up to several billion dongs, a number that is not small at all.

Wedding inside the gilded castle in Ninh Binh

In Ninh Binh, perhaps no one is unfamiliar with Thanh Thang castle of Mr. Do Van Tien – the owner of a large corporation in the field of cement production, and of course, with such a wealthy position, the crowd Weddings of the “princes” inside the castle are well invested.

The wedding between Mr. Tien’s son – the groom Do Van Thanh and the bride Bui Thi Xuan Hong was held extremely magnificently with a splendidly decorated wedding theater, and a stage designed with many fresh flowers. 

The fanciful wedding space is like a palatial palace in a fairy tale, making anyone looking at it overwhelmed.

Impressing everyone not only by the splendid and lavish wedding theater but also by the huge scale with a menu full of delicious flavors with a value of each tray of up to several tens of millions of dong such as bird’s nest soup, French foie gras. , Alaskan king crab, …

It is estimated that the cost of the wedding ceremony for 3 days is nearly 14 billion VND. In addition, the ceremony is also decorated with imported fresh flowers worth up to 15 billion VND, and the wedding theater also needs 1.8 billion VND to complete. Thus, the total cost of the wedding ceremony must reach tens of billions of dong.

Fairytale wedding in Bac Ninh: Design alone 30 billion, 300 genuine cars parked on the street

In early 2021, the wedding of the Kim Ngoc and Phuong Thao couples in Bac Ninh also made the public admire the luxury – genuineness – grandeur. The wedding was held at the bride’s parents’ restaurant with a wedding party space like a castle in a fairy tale. The wedding was organized very sophisticatedly, the idea of ​​​​the bride’s father long cherished with a cost of about 30 billion.

Ngoc – Thao’s wedding was held in the restaurant of the bride’s parents. Decor wedding space like a castle in a fairy tale with light tones: pink, blue, yellow combined.

The whole idea of ​​performing the wedding was cherished by the bride’s father for a long time. Accordingly, “Lobby of Love” was built very sophisticatedly and in detail with a cost of about 30 billion.

“This new Love Hall was built by my father with the intention of wanting to be the first to use it, so it’s also quite elaborate and detailed, if I talk about the entire item, I don’t know it all! But My father calculates everything from construction to decoration at more than 30 billion”, the bride Phuong Thao revealed.

Billionaire wedding in Hanoi, full of big size lobsters, the groom is the deputy director of the top 3 real estate companies in Vietnam

2 days ago, social media was stirred by pictures of a billion-dollar wedding in Hanoi. The bride and groom are both active in Vietnam’s real estate industry. The bride is a Sales Director of a large real estate company in Hanoi. She once won the title of runner-up 1 Office Beauty 2020, top Talented Beauty Hoa Khoi Beauty, Intelligence 2019. while the groom is also a famous real estate giant.

The wedding party with the concept of “Cloud Crystal” was held at a restaurant in West Lake filled with marbles imported from the Netherlands, each tray of rice costs more than 20 million VND/tray with delicious dishes such as lobster size. large, seafood… The bride’s wedding dress also costs nearly 1 billion dong.

The first image of a talented couple made people stir.

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