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Weeds that fill the field now “make money”, and become a specialty of the people who collect and sell for money

The land in the West has many strange types of grass that are now a specialty, you have to wait until the floating season to enjoy them.

Bon Bon (candle grass) is a wild plant that lives in wetlands in ponds or rivers. The plant grows all year round but is best in the rainy season. Drop dead.

Weeds that fill the field now “make money”, and become a specialty of the people who collect and sell for money

Asshole! If before, no one looked at the Asshole!Bon Bon, but in recent decades, they have become a specialty. Dishes made from Bon Bon are very popular and considered a specialty of the West.

Can be processed into many dishes such as tub pickles, coconut soup Bon Bon, shrimp and meat stir fry Bon Bon, hot pot pots, and salad Bon Bon…

Get lost .Because it brings economic value and is bought by many people because it is strange, many households in Ca Mau have converted from shrimp farming to tank farming, earning a good income. 

It is a plant belonging to the sedge family, which is harvested all year round but grows strongly in the rainy season. 

In the past, it was just a wild grass, with no economic value, but today it is widely grown in many southwestern provinces, where there is alum lowland.

Cultivation is also considered the main occupation of many households in Soc Trang and Bac Lieu.

From a weed species, now it has become a specialty vegetable that many people buy for up to 120,000 VND($4)/kg. At many restaurants and eateries in the Southwest region, bep is included in the menu and is very attractive to customers.

Eel-grass are a type of vegetable that grows wild in fields, canals, and lagoons in the acidic soil of Dong Thap Muoi, abundant in the flood season every year. 

Eel-grass have soft bodies, short bunched roots that cling to the muddy soil, so it is easy to uproot. When harvesting, you must follow the path, and avoid making the water cloudy and difficult to see the Eel-grass to pluck.

Many people like Eel-grass because this is a clean vegetable, has a cool and crispy taste, and is very delicious when dipping in a hot pot with fish sauce

Eel-grass are usually sold at prices ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 VND($2)/kg. The work of plucking shallots also helps to bring in income for workers with the cost of 6,000 VND($0,3)/kg Eel-grass plucked.

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