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Sun Signature Gallery – the center of new events and festivals in Phu Quoc

The new architecture in the heart of the Mediterranean Town is expected to be the gathering place for a series of specialized events, festivals, and arts.

In 2017, the cooperation between Sun Group and “architecture wizard” Bill Bensley created the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – the venue for the 2017 APEC summit. This new cooperation marks the birth of the Sun. Signature Gallery in Mediterranean Town is expected by the investor to bring Phu Quoc into the center of international events and festivals.

The importance of the event center

Referring to Hawaii, people not only remember the “paradise” of resort and entertainment tourism but also because this is the focus of exciting festivals and events. The Hawaii Convention Center is located right on Kalakaua Avenue – Honolulu’s shopping, dining and entertainment hub is the venue for a series of large-scale events and is an iconic building, typical of the architectural style. Hawaiian architecture and the pride of the people.

Sun Signature Gallery – the center of new events and festivals in Phu Quoc
Mediterranean town in Phu Quoc. Photo: Sun Group

Not only Hawaii, but any world-famous tourist destination does not miss the opportunity to attract tourists thanks to the attraction of festivals and events. In Phu Quoc – the top 100 most wonderful islands in the world in 2021 (voted by Time magazine ), over the past time, visitors have enjoyed exciting festivals and events such as Countdown 2021, Fashion Voyage #3.. .

Up to now, the appearance of Sun Signature Gallery – a trillion-dollar project at the Mediterranean Town entertainment tourism complex invested by Sun Group continues to receive great attention from the people.

This is one of the new symbolic works of Phu Quoc, which contains the quintessence of world architectural art and also opens the door to welcome international events, exhibitions and festivals right after the completion of the project. The epidemic is under control”, the Sun Group representative emphasized.

Iconic works Sun Signature Gallery. Photo: Sun Group

Sun Signature Gallery – the “heart” of the land of 12 festive seasons

Opened on Christmas 2021, Sun Signature Gallery impresses visitors not only by its grandeur like a castle in the middle of the sea and sky in Phu Quoc, but also by a lively, unique “museum” of Mid Century Modern architecture and art. copy.

Stepping inside, visitors seem to be traveling to the “second Renaissance” period – the art movement of the mid-twentieth century, witnessing the reunion of masters of architecture, interior, design, and painting. such as Vann Molyvann, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Girard, Eileen Gray, Robert Stewart… through every detail of interior, pattern, stairs, landing, corridor, decorative lights, bronze wall hanging, ceiling or carpet…

At every location in the museum, visitors can enjoy the “party” of colors and shapes, of painting and architecture, of modern style delicately interwoven with classical sounds…

Sun Signature Gallery recreates the art style of the Mid Century Modern period in the mid-20th century. Photo: Sun Group

The highlight is the ballroom with a capacity of up to 1,000 people, with great investment in technology and high aesthetics. As revealed by the investor Sun Group, the ballroom is decorated with thousands of colorful mica stones hand-stitched on the wall, the dome is up to 22 meters high at the top to attract the eye, the chandelier weighs 500 kg with beautiful lights. details made of natural shells and rare crystals, the lighting system has a unique Gothic architectural style.

In addition, the ballroom at Sun Signature Gallery is also equipped with a modern and advanced lighting system with smart control to help flexibly redirect light 360 degrees. Professional, high-end sound systems and screens are qualified to organize any professional art and entertainment program.

At the end of last year, Sun Signature Gallery was the main venue chosen by Sun Group to hold large-scale events such as Christmas parties and welcome the new year 2022.

Super Ballroom is sophisticatedly designed and equipped with a modern sound and light system. Photo: Sun Group

Sun Signature Gallery also owns a system of meeting rooms with diverse areas, VIP meeting rooms suitable for meetings, meetings, high-level and private exchanges. The meeting rooms are imbued with the art language and Mid Century Modern architecture, providing an event space that is both luxurious and unique.

The entire artistic space of Sun Signature Gallery can become a place to display and exhibit artworks, prestigious fashion collections, or expensive branded products…

“Sun Signature Gallery, without any artistic gaps. The corridors, landings, stairs, murals, display items, decorations… are all arranged and decorated by Bill Bensley. Meticulous to every detail, together tell the story of an illustrious art movement in the middle of the last century”, the representative of the investor shared.

As a specialized event and festival center, rich in aesthetic and artistic values, located in the heart of the prosperous Mediterranean Town, Sun Signature Gallery is expected to become a destination for large-scale events. national and international on Ngoc island, according to investor Sun Group.

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