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Raising chickens to sleep in the air conditioner, listening to music to lay eggs, collecting 10 million VND per day

Every day, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thang’s farm provides the market with nearly 4,000 eggs. Also regularly, every day, the young owner collects 10 million VND (400 $)from selling eggs.

Start a business with billions of debt

“Anh Thang is the first person to bring the evil chicken breed from the South to successfully raise in Nghi Loc district, Nghe An. Initially, the model shows that the economic efficiency is much better than the local chicken breeding farms” – introduction of an officer of the Agriculture Department of Nghi Loc district made us curious and went to the chicken farm of the owner of 9X.

Raising chickens to sleep in the air conditioner, listening to music to lay eggs, collecting 10 million VND per day
Having a debt of more than 1 billion VND from a failure to raise pigs, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thang risked starting a business with the evil Southern chicken breed.

Nguyen Huu Thang and his wife, 30 years old, in Nghi Van commune, Nghi Loc district, are packing and checking each carton of eggs before exporting. Chicken eggs are small, just slightly more than half a normal chicken egg, carefully packed in a paper box, 50 eggs/box.

“Currently, the number of eggs in my farm can only meet nearly half of the demand,” Thang shared.

To come to the decision to bring the evil chicken breed from the South to raise was the “brainstorming” days of Thang, because at that time he had just failed in his start-up plan with the pig breeding model. Lack of knowledge, technology and experience, again plagued by diseases, the pigs died gradually, making Mr. Thang more than 1 billion VND in debt.

After a period of pondering and researching, Mr. Thang decided to start a business for the second time. “Having to raise something that the market here does not have, will reduce the competitiveness in consumption, in return, the risk is quite high. I chose to raise chickens for eggs because the nutrient content in each egg is twice as high as normal eggs, the “door” for consumption and economic value is also wider. Both sides and my wife supported me, so I firmly stepped forward,” Thang shared.

Southern evil chicken with white feathers, black meat, and aggressiveness, has a superior nutrient content in each egg.

After getting everything ready, Mr. Thang imported the first breed of chickens. It was a day near Tet in 2022, Nghe An was cold to cut the flesh. From Long An, chicks that have just hatched for a day are packed in boxes and transported to Nghe An by plane.

“3 units of stables, 30,000 breeding animals, heating system, cooling system… total investment is approximately 10 billion VND, of which more than half is a bank loan. Starting from zero, after 7 months If I can’t eat or sleep, the first batch of chickens will lay eggs. Holding the tiny egg, just a little more than half a normal chicken egg, I’m very happy,” said Mr. Thang.

Currently, the farm exports 3,500-4,000 eggs every day, only partially meeting the market demand.

Chickens sleep in air-conditioner, listen to relaxing music

“Called evil chicken because this type of chicken is very aggressive and warlike. They often peck at their fellows with blood, then break open eggs that have just been laid. Not to mention, this type of chicken is small, the adult is just over 1kg, in Nghe An. An does not have his own type of cage, so he has to use a normal cage, so at first, the chickens fell and got stuck between the iron bars, making the loss rate of the flock up to nearly 20%,” said Mr. Thang.

The misting system from the outside is the secret to helping stabilize the temperature in the barn from 20-28 degrees Celsius, about 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Due to its origin from the South, the ability to adapt to harsh weather in the Central region is poor. In the cold season, the farm must use a heating system, in the hot season, a cooling fan system runs around the clock, combined with spraying water outside the barn to reduce heat. With this cooling system, the temperature in the barn is always maintained from 22-28 degrees Celsius, 10-12 degrees lower than outside.

Mr. Thang also installed a sound system, playing music throughout the day as a therapy to help chickens stabilize their psychology and neutralize the “war blood” of this chicken.

With the cooling and sound system, Mr. Thang solved two problems leading to a large loss of flocks: the environmental temperature and the aggressiveness of the evil chickens.

This is also a “difficult” chicken breed. Therefore, livestock production must follow a strict care process, from controlling the quality of inputs, feed, environment and preventive vaccines. To meet this process, Mr. Thang had to hire 2 more technicians and 2 workers to help take care of the chickens.

After 7 months of care, the chickens have harvested eggs. At present, the average farm collects 3,500-4,000 eggs per day. With the price of 3,000 VND/fruit, every day, the young chicken farm owner earns about 10 million VND, not including the money from selling chicken manure.

However, according to Mr. Thang, this is the price of exploration and subsidy to penetrate the market. In fact, the cost of care, nurturing and disease prevention is large, so this selling price is only breakeven, not yet profitable. Once a stable position has been established, along with being recognized and granted an OCOOP certificate, the selling price of eggs will be 3,500 VND for medium ones, with two yolks, the price will be about 4,000-5,000 VND / fruit.

Currently, Mr. Thang’s farm provides jobs for 4 workers. In the photo is Nguyen Thi Thuy, who is responsible for feeding chickens, treating wounds caused by chickens pecking each other and harvesting eggs.

“These eggs are mainly imported to Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh and some northern markets. Particularly for Thanh Hoa market, the consumption demand is 30,000-40,000 eggs/week, the farm can only meet a part of it. In the near future, the farm can supply the market with about 9,000 eggs per day,” Thang said. From the initial positive results, Mr. Thang is building a plan to expand the scale of livestock production.

This young owner believes that raising evil chickens is still facing many difficulties due to the lack of initiative in breeding stock as well as expanding the output market towards bringing this nutrient-rich egg into the super system. markets or major supply chains.

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