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The ‘strange’ rooftop farm garden of a funny single guy

People often tease Do Hoang Hiep as a “strange” boy, because he is single, but every morning when the chickens do not raise to take care of the trees, cook by themselves and enjoy meals at the unique rooftop agricultural garden. me.

The ‘strange’ rooftop farm garden of a funny single guy

In addition to his travel work, Hiep’s daily joy is coming back to his rooftop garden. WOMEN’S FLOWER

The terrace garden of Mr. Hiep (34 years old, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) is unique in that not only growing green and fruit products, but Mr. Hiep also designs a terrace garden as a space. garden water shop. There is a water counter, a pretty small table surrounded by green produce and birds chirping all day.

The terrace garden is small but designed by him as a very eye-catching garden water bar space

Spiritual child in the middle of the epidemic season

Mr. Hiep works in tourism, specializes in selling tours and leads tourists, so since the introduction of Covid-19, his work has been greatly affected. During times of social separation , almost unemployed, Hiep did everything he could to overcome the Covid crisis.

Voting left at once on the small terrace of Mr. Hiep

“At that time, I took advantage of my acquaintances, imported fish to Ho Chi Minh City to sell, so from a tourist guy to a guy selling fish. Many people are proud and afraid to make a living in such jobs, but to me it is not as important as having income to live. There was a time when I also sold fish cake and fish cake and sold water right downstairs. In general, I did not mind any work, as long as I had the economy to live on ”, said Hiep.

Self-picking vegetables for each meal

Before translation, Mr. Hiep was below Rach Gia, Kien Giang because he specializes in making tours to Phu Quoc, Nam Du. But since the translation appeared, the work affected so he moved to Ho Chi Minh City and he brought his passion for planting trees to this vibrant city to turn the terrace into a green agricultural garden during the season.

The agricultural garden terrace lights up at night

“The epidemic has affected tourism seriously, many people are unemployed and have pessimistic thoughts, but I try to make a living by many jobs to find ways to overcome the epidemic and find joy by planting trees, raising chickens, raising birds . Thanks to this rooftop garden, I have more energy for each day, ”said Hiep.

Chicken lays eggs on the terrace

Besides, Mr. Hiep said that because he is a native of Central Vietnam, he loves to eat vegetables, but buying vegetables from the market is insecure and has no sense of smell, and when I grow a little to eat each of my own. Feeling like eating home town vegetables.

Looking at Mr. Hiep’s rooftop farm garden, no one thought it was the result of an unmarried young man. Everything he grows is green and fruitful, and it is also the source of food that he serves himself for his daily meals.

Agricultural products do not have to ship out

Although the area is not much, but “cool hands” to plant trees so every tree is all fresh and fruitful.

Fruit onions on the terrace of Mr. Hiep

Taking advantage of the foam boxes selling fish before, Mr. Hiep used to make pots for planting plants. Land for planting trees, Mr. Hiep mixes soil, rice husk, coco fiber and vermi-compost. In particular, Mr. Hiep said that he himself is not too picky in caring, every day in the morning and evening, Mr. Hiep watering the plants, all kinds of organic waste every day do not need to compost the The way that Mr. Hiep put straight up in the pots to make food for the worms in the worm manure, the worms will release the manure and this fertilizer will provide the plants with nourishment. Besides, if there are worms, the soil will be loose and the plants will be much better.

Small area but enough vegetables

The garden is small but full of agricultural products such as spinach, lettuce, chives, cabbage, spinach, herbs of all kinds, onions, green onions, bitter melon, tomatoes, eggplant … And special It is a gourd and loaf, which created a fresh space for Mr. Hiep’s rooftop garden.

Lush green vegetables

Although only grown to serve food needs every day, but because the fruit was green and wrong, Hiep always gave it to his friends because he could not eat it all.

“I only planted like that, but I didn’t eat it all. Many times too many have to ship to friends to help eat. Many times we come back from a long tour, some gourds, melons or bitter melon are fully mature, so we take the seeds to plant again or for friends to plant. And everyone who comes to our house to play can enjoy clean vegetables and fruits in the garden ”, said Hiep humorously.

Taking advantage of the former counter selling water and sandwiches, Mr. Hiep brings to the terrace garden and designs it into a garden water counter. Every morning to get up early to take care of the garden, or every evening, Mr. Hiep will make coffee or a few beers, play a light music and sit back and relax, breathe the fresh air from the garden.

A private corner to drink tea and coffee every day of Mr. Hiep

To Mr. Hiep, although many friends often make fun of him as a “strange” guy, after busy working outside, tired of life, he returns to his beautiful small terrace farm. Plant, cook, and enjoy it yourself as a reward for yourself in this high carbon life. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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