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The viaduct with the tallest pier in Vietnam is about to be completed

Mong Sen pier is 83 m high, the highest in Vietnam, connecting Sa Pa town with Hanoi – Lao Cai highway.

Mong Sen Bridge connecting Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, located on National Highway 4D, is under construction in the final stages to be completed before December 31. The work is built of reinforced concrete, 612 m long with 5 continuous spans, 14 m wide surface, 4 lanes.

The bridge crosses two hills, below is a hydroelectric power station and terraced fields in Sa Pa town. The town leader said this will be a tourist highlight. The government is planning to build landscapes below the bridge so visitors can take pictures.

The bridge was started on January 3, Hop Long on September 29. Currently, the main construction stages have been completed, about 70 workers are completing the railings, spreading asphalt and pulling cables.

Mong Sen bridge’s head pier is 83 m high, the tallest viaduct in Vietnam. Total construction investment capital is 450 billion VND.

The engineering team referenced the parameters with the gauge. A user uses a walkie-talkie to inform workers pulling cables inside the bridge.

On the bridge deck, two workers used an altimeter to build the railing.

Another group of workers is cleaning up iron and formwork after the concrete construction work is completed.

Each span is stretched with many bundles of prestressed cables. The construction of high-altitude works requires accuracy and absolute safety.

Worker Nguyen Van Thoi, 32 years old, climbs on a cable in the bridge to walk and align. He moved from Nam Dinh to Sa Pa to build the Mong Sen bridge for nearly a year. “Up here in the mountains, the conditions are very difficult. In winter, there are times when it drops below 0 degrees Celsius, I wear three shirts and it’s still cold,” said Thoi.

Workers welding pipes to installing bridges. The Lao Cai Provincial Traffic Management Board said that the bridge was built in the form of BOT. After completion, the toll station will be placed reasonably so that people can choose the old road without paying tolls.

From Lao Cai city to Sapa town about 30 km, follow the old 4D road. This road is degraded, the section crossing the foot of Mong Sen bridge (old) only needs 1-2 large trucks to go through and it is also congested.

“The bridge was built to shorten the distance from the old road by about 2.5 km. The old road has dangerous terrain with three steep floors, and many accidents have happened,” said Mr. Tran Trong Thong, Vice Chairman of the town. Sapa, said. Follow vnexpress

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