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The bridge has the highest pier in Vietnam before the day of traffic

LAO CAI – Mong Sen Bridge the tallest pier in Vietnam is about to open to traffic at the end of this year, after nearly two years of construction.

Mong Sen Bridge is part of the project to build a new route connecting to the Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway, replacing the existing 4D highway. The bridge crosses two hills, below is a hydroelectric power station and terraced fields in Sa Pa town.

Construction started on January 3, 2021, and Hop Long on September 29, 2021. The new route is expected to be open to traffic by the end of this year. Leaders of Sa Pa Town People’s Committee assessed that this route not only shortens the distance from Noi Bai to Lao Cai, ensuring safety for people but also a new tourist attraction for visitors to Sapa.

Compared to the end of 2021, the items have been completed, there are no construction machinery on the bridge. The project management board said the bridge is now 99% complete.

From Lao Cai city to Sa Pa town about 30 km, following the old 4D road will have to go through a three-storey slope that often collapses. The completed new bridge will shorten about 2.5 km compared to the old road and do not have to go through a three-story slope.

The bridge deck has been paved with asphalt, the lighting system has also been completed, in contrast to the scene of construction materials scattered at the end of last year. The bridge is built of reinforced concrete, 612 m long with 5 continuous spans, 14 m wide bridge deck, 4 lanes.

The bridge railing is more than one meter high, decorated with lotus motifs.

Mong Sen bridge head pier is 83 m high, the tallest viaduct in Vietnam. Total construction investment capital is 450 billion VND.

In the last days of September, dozens of workers are completing about 100m of the road leading to Mong Sen bridge.

The road leading to the bridge from Lao Cai city to Sa Pa connects a section with the old 4D road, then continues with another bridge to link with the new road built in the opposite mountain range.

On the current bridge, only some vehicles of construction units are allowed to pass through. Visitors who want to take pictures will park their cars in the area leading to the bridge from Sa Pa town to Lao Cai city.

The bridge is now open to visitors to visit and take photos. Standing on the bridge, visitors can see terraced fields, streams and mountains.

The new road (red line) will shorten the distance from Lao Cai city to Sapa town. Photo: Google Map

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