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‘Fishing’ in the clouds in winter in Lao Than

LAO CAI – Cloud hunting is a favorite activity of tourists when coming to Y Ty, and Lao Than Mountain is one of the ideal places.

Y Ty is a highland commune of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province. In winter, this place often appears a beautiful sea of ​​clouds, attracting many tourists to visit. One of the most visited spots by tourists to hunt for clouds is Lao Than mountain.

Mr. Luong Thanh Chuong, 47 years old, is no exception. In the winter of 2020, he had a trip to Lao Than mountain to admire the majestic and poetic beauty of nature. One of his favorite photos at this place is “Fishing in the clouds”. To get a memorable work, he brought props such as fishing rods, fake fish… to take pictures. After descending the mountain, he left the fishing suit and related accessories at the porters (porters) for later people to use.

‘Fishing’ in the clouds in winter in Lao Than

Mr. Chuong, the founder of travel blog Hike Code, said the trip lasted 3 days and 2 nights to capture clouds both at dusk and dawn. At noon on the first day, he started from the foot of the mountain to climb to the top. Accompanying him are porters A Ho and A Gun. The two also took advantage of posing in the style of Tieu’s arrogant Gypsy, version of Lao Than.

They are all indigenous people, have a lot of experience in mountain roads as well as know beautiful cloudy places to take pictures. They used to go with him 10 times in 2020. The three of them reached the middle of the mountain at sunset. This is the time when Mr. Chuong took rare “ghost” photos in his life.

Looking at the clouds on the mountain made him forget all the troubles of life, just want to stay in the mountains and forever do not want to return to the bustling city.

According to Mr. Chuong, this may be the most beautiful place to take pictures in Vietnam because the phenomenon of clouds is very special, there are many unique shooting spots such as lonely trees on the top of the mountain, fishing cliffs… vacant land, clear vision, can see all the surrounding landscape without being obstructed. At the same spot, visitors can watch the sunset and sunrise together, and both moments are equally beautiful.

On the mountain, there are shacks for rent by indigenous people. If you want to experience the wild nature, you can bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and at night you can lie down and watch the moon and stars. Mr. Chuong said the feeling of being in the tent, watching the sea of ​​clouds below, sipping hot coffee or tea in the cold of 1-10 degrees Celsius is really interesting.

Not only clouds, enjoying a meal on the top of the mountain after climbing 6 km is no different from “eating rock sprouts”, but so many specialties and delicious dishes in the world also are not equal to a meal on Lao Than mountain. Mr. Chuong was treated by A Ho and A Gun with grilled pork leg, duck with ginger sauce, and imitation civet.

The total distance up and down that Mr. Chuong climbs Lao Than to hunt for clouds is 12 km. According to him, this road is easy to go, suitable for all ages, including office workers, sedentary people, even children about 7 years old or old people 60-70 years old can also climb.

Photo: Facebook/Hike Code

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