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The season of ‘hunting clouds’ in Hai Van Pass

At the moment of autumn and early winter, Hai Van Pass becomes the focus of the “hunting for clouds” of tourists and young people who love nature…

Hai Van Pass is located at an altitude of nearly 500 m above sea level. Therefore, almost all year round, the pass area has cold and humid weather . At this time, when the cold air came, Hai Van Pass put on a new “shirt” with fuzzy colors, hiding in the clouds.

This is also the right time for nature lovers to come “hunting clouds”.

Hai Van Pass, considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, is covered by white clouds and looks very magical.HUU TU

As a pass located between Thua Thien-Hue province and Da Nang city , when traveling through Hai Van pass during this time, visitors will admire the beauty of clouds and sky like giant white “cotton carpets” stretching. throughout the pass.

The forest in the fog around Hai Van passHUU TU

Because of the poetic beauty of clouds and sky, Hai Van Pass becomes the focus of “cloud hunting” of young people in the last days of the year.

A student is capturing the moment when the sun is breaking through the clouds on Hai Van passHUU TU

In the dry season, Hai Van Pass has a wide view, blue sky, favorable weather to catch the sunrise and watch the sunset. In the cold season, Hai Van Pass has cold and humid weather, the right time to “hunt clouds” in the early morning or late afternoon.

Young people flock to the elbow bend towards Da Nang City to “hunt clouds”HUU TU

The time when clouds appear a lot in Hai Van pass is around 5-6 am and 15-17 pm. Those who are passionate about “photography” need to know this time frame because many people have come to Hai Van pass to “hunt clouds” but have no “spoils” to bring back.

“Hunting clouds” at Hai Van pass is the “trend” keyword of young people during this timeHUU TU

Visitors to Hai Van Pass to “hunt clouds” must be very careful while traveling, because dense clouds limit visibility and there are many large trucks passing through the pass.

In addition, the wet climate, the road surface appears a lot of oil scum left by vehicles, which will cause slippery conditions when visitors drive vehicles through this route.

The pass road is obscured when the fog swoops down on the road surfaceHUU TU

Hai Van Pass is the ideal check-in stop for tourists on the north-south natural journey. Currently, Hai Van Quan historical site on the top of the pass is being restored and restored, promising to bring visitors many experiences when stopping here.

The cafe “In the clouds” is a suitable place for visitors to see the natural beauty of Hai Van pass during the “cloud hunting” season.HUU TU

Young people call themselves a cup of hot coffee for 20,000 VND($1) to enjoy while preparing costumes to take beautiful pictures in the fanciful fog.

The moment when clouds and clouds cover the majestic Hai Van range, the experience of breathing in the cool, fresh air must be an unforgettable memory for visitors to the cloud yard at Hai Van Pass at this time.

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