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Two vibrant walking streets at night in Hue

THUA THIEN – HUE West Vo Thi Sau neighborhood and Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street are popular places for tourists, with many restaurants and nightlife activities.

Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street is located in Vinh Ninh ward when it was put into operation by Hue city on March 26. This is the only route in Hue City that is completely paved with granite, and the sidewalks are planted with Taiwanese maple.

The pedestrian street has a length of 850 m. On weekends, there will be art shows, catering to a wide range of audiences, both children and adults.

Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street has just been put into operation but attracts many people to play at night.

An art troupe from A Luoi district performed at Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street on the weekend. Entertainment, cultural and artistic activities in Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street are organized in the form of mobile street art.

Children feel excited when their parents come to Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street to watch art troupes perform.

The eateries and restaurants on Hai Ba Trung street on weekdays also attract people and tourists to have fun. According to the regulations of Hue city, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, Hai Ba Trung street is only a pedestrian street.

The Western Quarter on Vo Thi Sau, Chu Van An, and Pham Ngu Lao streets in Phu Hoi ward has been vibrant again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Every night, this place is a place that attracts young people in Hue and visitors to eat and drink at night.

On the evening of April 12, many groups of Western tourists also returned to Hue and enjoyed walking on the street.

Residents and tourists stand on Vo Thi Sau street and Chu Van An intersection to watch an art show on the evening of Sunday, April 9.

On the street, people also sell traditional Hue dishes.

Many restaurants in the Western Quarter attract many guests to eat at night on weekends. Visitors sit and eat on the sidewalk until 2am.

Hai Ba Trung pedestrian street, Vo Thi Sau, Chu Van An, Pham Ngu Lao walking streets will be the places that runners should experience during the time of participating in the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2023, from April 14 to 16

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