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Sunflower garden in Hue Imperial Palace

 Thua Thien – Hue Monuments Conservation Center plants hue Sunflower garden of more than 5,000 m2 to serve visitors to check-in.

Creating a new highlight for Hue Imperial Palace, Hue Monuments Conservation Center has planted a sunflower garden of more than 5,000 m2 in Truong Lang area, located between Thai Hoa Palace and Kien Trung Palace, which is being restored.

In the early days of June, the sunflower garden began to bloom in Hue Imperial Palace. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 epidemic broke out; Hue Citadel closed, visitors have not had the opportunity to check in here.

Before the hot weather in Hue, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center staff had to use water hoses to water the flower gardens regularly.

After more than two months of incubation, the sunflower garden in the Hue Royal Palace showed off its golden color.

Lucky to check in to the sunflower garden, Dan Thanh, 29 years old, was surprised when there was a sunflower garden in the middle of Hue’s Royal Palace with brilliant yellow flowers.

“The beautiful buildings in the Imperial Palace of Hue now have a blooming sunflower garden that is more prominent. I hope that the Covid-19 epidemic will soon be controlled, and the Citadel reopens so more people know about the garden. This flower is more,” shared Dan Thanh.

The sunflower garden has adorned the ancient look of dragon and phoenix motifs on the works in Truong Lang, Hue Citadel.

A young woman in a white ao dai is delighted to be checked in in the middle of a sunflower garden.

According to the plan, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center will develop some more flower gardens in the Hue Royal Palace to serve visitors after the Covid-19 epidemic. Two royal gardens Thieu Phuong and Co Ha, will be planted with more flowers. According to vnexpress

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