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Suggested places not to be missed in Hue

HUE – Coming to Hue, visitors can stay at the comfortable Dang Tuan hotel, enjoy coffee at Vy Da Xua, and have a pot of rice at Khai Hoan restaurant…

Located in the central area, Vy Da Xua restaurant, Khai Hoan, Happy Land; or Dang Tuan Hotel, Vy Da motels and residences… are addresses that meet the diverse needs of both Hue people and tourists.

Check-in and experience at many restaurants – cafes

Located in the city center, Vy Da Xua (131 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue City) impresses with its year-round lush gardens, flowers, and an ancient restaurant-cafe system on the Perfume River. dream, the restaurant of rice pot & Asian dishes at 90 Le Loi is immersed in the peaceful space of the house, bearing the beauty of the ancient Hue culture. Meanwhile, Khai Hoan banquet restaurant at 94 Le Loi scored with European architectural design, located on a busy street, right in front of the bustling Western Quarter day and night.

Come to Vy Da Xua to enjoy countless delicious Hue dishes in the green campus. Photo: Vy Da Xua

Many diners in the morning visit Vy Da Xua to have breakfast with the famous Hue beef noodle soup with coffee and tea ceremony; lunch with rice pot with delicious Hue dishes; In the afternoon, enjoy European – Asian specialties along the river, in the space of ancient houses amidst the green scenery. Diners can choose from the menu from the lowest price to the full package, with Eurasian dishes decorated in an attractive way.

Khai Hoan restaurant serves diners with European and Asian specialties. Photo: Khai Hoan Restaurant

Venue for parties, conferences, seminars

With 5 modern banquet halls, connected to move through an automatic elevator and escalator system, Happy Land Wedding Conference Center at 20 To Huu will be one of the addresses specializing in organizing weddings, asking, birthdays, birthdays, intimate meetings, events of agencies and businesses… Here, diners can check-in to keep memorable memories with impressive images inside or at the colorful foyer and the fountain outside.

Suggested places not to be missed in Hue
Happy Land Wedding Convention Center is located at 20 To Huu. Photo: Happy Land

“Not only dedicated, attentive and professional service, this restaurant chain also regularly organizes events and promotions on special days. The restaurants always have unexpected valuable gifts for customers. give the newlyweds a gift when holding a party here. That’s why I often choose this place to organize parties as well as events for agencies and families,” said Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam (46 years old) in Hue City, shared. shall.

A place to stay with many amenities

Right next to the chain of restaurants and coffee is a system of accommodation facilities with over 200 rooms including the Dang Tuan hotel, motel and Vy Da residence, with full facilities to meet the needs of groups and retail guests. stay. This system of restaurants and hotels is also a destination to serve MICE delegations to meet the needs of businesses, organizations, and mass organizations.

Khai Hoan event restaurant next to Dang Tuan hotel. Photo: Khai Hoan Hotel

Contact information:
Vy Da Xua Cafe Restaurant: 131 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue City
Happy Land Wedding Convention Center: 20 To Huu, Hue City
Khai Hoan Restaurant: 94 Le Loi, Hue City
Com Nieu Restaurant 90 Le Loi, Hue City
Vy Da Hostel & Residence: 8/138 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue City
Lantana Coffee: 45 Nguyen Bieu, Hue City
Dang Tuan Hotel – 92 Le Loi, Hue City
Hoa Binh Residence: 282 Hoa Binh , Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City
And branches nationwide.

Pictures of restaurants

Vy Da Xua welcomes the sunrise. Photo: Vy Da Xua
Diners enjoy food at Vy Da Xua restaurant by the Perfume River. Photo: Vy Da Xua
Diners eat rice pot at Khai Hoan restaurant. Photo: Khai Hoan Restaurant
House ruong – is chosen by many diners as a place to organize parties and exchanges. Photo: Neat House Com Nieu 90 Le Loi
Many events and weddings are held at Happy Land. Photo: Happy Land

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