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TOP 4 delicious restaurants in Thien Cam Ha Tinh are loved by tourists

Thien Cam beach is famous for its peaceful, poetic, and romantic beauty. This is a famous tourist destination in Ha Tinh, especially in the summer, the beach attracts a large number of tourists to visit and relax. However, besides the experience of swimming in the sea, eating and drinking is also an indispensable part. Therefore, this article will suggest delicious restaurants in Thien Cam that should not be missed.

Summary of delicious restaurants in Thien Cam

1. Ngoc Ty Thien Cam shop

Where to eat when traveling to Thien Cam beach? Thien Cam beach is a famous tourist destination, so it is not too difficult to find a good restaurant here. However, the destination that many tourists are most interested in is probably Ngoc Ty Thien Cam restaurant. The restaurant is located in a prime location ‘Sea View’, with a beautiful view. So when you come here, you not only get a delicious meal but also enjoy the beautiful and romantic natural scenery. The space is quite spacious, airy, not too noisy, very suitable for those who want to find peace here. About the restaurant menu is very rich, besides the attractive seafood dishes such as Shrimp, crab, crab, squid, …, please order for yourself a serving of mussel rice cake. It is known that this is the most delicious dish of the restaurant and also the dish that built a name for Ngoc Ty Thien Cam. So please save it nowAdd this delicious restaurant address in Thien Cam  to your travel schedule.

TOP 4 delicious restaurants in Thien Cam Ha Tinh are loved by tourists
The famous mussel cake at Ngoc Ty Thien Cam restaurant (Photo: Thongtinplus)

Address of Ngoc Ty Thien Cam restaurant: Located at kiosk number 1 Thien Cam beach.

Tel: 0398 677 392

2. Nga Loc Thien Cam shop

To be able to fully explore the cuisine here, Nga Loc Thien Cam restaurant is a perfect choice. The restaurant is located right next to the beach, with a cool space, you will not only enjoy delicious and hot seafood dishes but also watch the beach with impressive waves. The food here is appreciated by diners quite delicious and has a distinct taste. Perhaps because there are chefs with long experience in the profession, with their own cooking secrets, it makes a difference for Nga Loc Thien Cam. In particular, the address of a delicious restaurant in Thien Cam This place is always crowded, but that does not mean that you have to wait long. Because the staff here are quite agile, enthusiastic, attentive service, bringing the most comfortable feeling to customers. Guaranteed, coming to Nga Loc Thien Cam restaurant you will not be disappointed in your decision.

Coming to Nga Loc Thien Cam restaurant, you will be able to choose fresh seafood yourself (Photo: Haisantrungnam)

Address of Nga Loc Thien Cam restaurant: Located right on Thien Cam beach.

Tel: 097 435 6850

3. Truong Thuy Thien Cam Restaurant

Another choice for diners to have a delicious meal is Truong Thuy Thien Cam restaurant. The restaurant has a very large amount of seafood, not only serving it for sale on the spot, but also providing seafood for all stores in Ha Tinh, so the quality of seafood here is impeccable. Here you will see a huge aquarium with many different types of seafood, you can choose by yourself and ask the chef to make your own dishes. Besides, you can also buy this seafood to bring back as gifts which are also very meaningful. And that is also the address of a delicious restaurant in Thien Cam you should know .

Enjoy fresh seafood at Truong Thuy Thien Cam restaurant (Photo: Amazing)

Address of Truong Thuy Thien Cam restaurant: Located at kiosk 36 – Thien Cam tourist area.

Tel: 094 8153 134 – 0982 166 492

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4. Tuan Vinh Thien Cam Restaurant

Which is the most famous restaurant in Thien Cam? Tuan Vinh restaurant is the last name that Vinlove would like to introduce. The restaurant has a fairly large area, the space can accommodate more than a hundred people, with a luxurious and modern design, adding warmth, making the diners come here satisfied and want to stay. Tuan Vinh Thien Cam not only serves individual customers but also organizes parties, events, parties, … in general, to meet the maximum requirements of customers. The food is evaluated as fresh and delicious, along with the eye-catching layout, always attracting the eyes of diners. Another plus point is that the service attitude of the staff here is very professionally trained, agile, smiling to customers, although it is crowded, you will not have to wait too long. Surely, this restaurant will be a great stop for you to eat.

Tuan Vinh Thien Cam is the most famous and delicious restaurant in Ha Tinh

Address Tuan Vinh Thien Cam: Located opposite the Ministry of Public Security, Cam Nhuong commune (Near Thien Cam tourist area).

Above are the  TOP 4 famous restaurants and delicious restaurants in Thien Cam that attract the most customers. Hopefully, the above address information, it will help you have more choices and have a delicious meal with relatives and friends at Thien Cam resort. Have fun playing!

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