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Thien An Temple in Quang Ngai – the ideal destination for tranquility, beautiful scenery

Not only having attractive scenery, Thien An Quang Ngai Pagoda also attracts visitors with its unique architecture that has become a favorite destination for tourists to drop their souls in the pure place and nature and heaven. If you are looking for a place to relax on weekends, Thien An Pagoda is the ideal destination.

Where is Thien An Pagoda in Quang Ngai?

Thien An Pagoda is about 3km from Quang Ngai center, located on the top of Thien An mountain in Tinh An commune, Son Tinh district. This is an ancient pagoda and has the most unique and beautiful architecture in Quang country, Thien An pagoda Quang Ngai was built in 1964 under Nguyen Phuc Chu. 

Not only impressed with the architecture, Thien An Pagoda also owns a beautiful natural landscape with Thien An mountain at an altitude of 100 meters and the Tra Khuc River on the left bank. Visiting Thien An Pagoda, you can take a walk on the top of the mountain to admire the pagoda and pray for luck. 

Thien An Temple in Quang Ngai – the ideal destination for tranquility, beautiful scenery
Thien An Temple Quang Ngai is a famous spiritual site

How to move to Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda

From the center of Quang Ngai city, the most convenient way you can go by motorbike in the direction of Tra Khuc Bridge, turn right on national road 24B and go straight for 15-20 minutes to reach the foot of Thien An mountain. 

Note that when you reach the beginning of the road, you will see Sac Tu To Dinh Thien An, you just need to run straight to the car. The road to moving to Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda  has a spiral shape, but the slope is not very high. In general, the road is paved with very nice and flat asphalt for visitors to easily visit the pagoda.

The road to Thien An Pagoda has a very beautiful landscape, when standing from above you will admire the panoramic city of Quang Ngai. Especially, from Thien An mountain with an altitude of about 100 meters, you will easily see the Tra Khuc River.

How to move to Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda

The beautiful scenery “forgot the way back” at Thien An pagoda 

Traveling to Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda, you can walk around the pagoda and admire the natural scenery here. After that, go hiking Thien An to see the beautiful panorama of the city from above and eat and relax at the foot of the mountain. 

Pure scene at Thien An temple in Quang Ngai

Thien An Temple has a very large space with surrounding walls. The most impressive thing when coming to Thien An pagoda is that the two pillar gates are cast of high cement at the top of the alley, along with two massive iron gates and the outside of the gate are planted with shade trees. The gate area of Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda is where visitors often rest, eat and drink before visiting the pagoda. 

Take beautiful pictures at Thien An pagoda

The campus of Thien An pagoda has a large area of ​​land with ancient trees shading all year round for visitors to stop and rest. Thien An Pagoda attracts visitors with the Muong architecture made entirely of wood, the front is the main pagoda and the ancestral house in the back of the temple grounds. In particular, there is a precious bell in the temple with a large echo throughout the region. 

The temple gate has impressive architecture

The area around Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda is a flower garden that attracts visitors to admire and take pictures and rest. In it, there must be a statue of Quan The Am Buddha in the surrounding temple grounds, which is planted with flowers and many kinds of beautiful ornamental plants. The southern part of the garden is the tomb of Huynh Thuc Khang, visitors can visit to commemorate the revolutionary hero’s merit to the nation. 

Buddha statue in Thien An temple

North of the pagoda is a large lotus lake blooming blooming fragrantly, the water in the lake is green and the most impressive is in the rocky island in the middle of the lake. Going straight is the tomb of the ancestor with a lotus statue and stupa shimmering at night. 

Thien An Temple in Quang Ngai is most impressed with the Buddha well in the temple grounds, and the well water is deep and cool all year round. The special thing about the Buddha well is that the water in the well never runs out and the people here think that drinking water in the well can cure all kinds of diseases. 

Water well at Thien An pagoda

Visiting Thien An pagoda, you should also explore the first scenic Thien An mountain that is considered a symbol of the people of Quang. Thien An mountain has a unique isosceles trapezoid, located at an altitude of about 100 meters above sea level. To explore Thien An mountain you can ride a motorbike or a car or climb each step to see the beautiful scenery along the way. 

The bronze bell at Thien An temple in Quang Ngai

From the top of Thien An mountain you will be able to see the beautiful whole city. In front of Thien An mountain is Thach Bich mountain, east of Cua Dai Co Luy with clear blue sea water, the south is majestic Thien But mountain and the nearest location is Tra Khuc Bridge winding across the Tra River. 

Quang Ngai Thien An Mountain

Notes when going to Quang Ngai Thien An Pagoda 

Traveling to Quang Ngai to explore Thien An Pagoda, you should note the following:

  • Eating at Thien An pagoda, you can choose restaurants and eateries around the temple to rest. Including the wind Hill grilled chicken shop at the foot of Thien An mountain is very delicious and famous, you can order sticky rice dish, chicken vermicelli, salted chicken … very delicious and chewy chicken is only about 200,000 VND / kg. processed. Also, if you are traveling in a large group, bring food and drink from home. 
  • Should take advantage of going early in the morning to visit many beautiful places in Thien An pagoda. 
  • Bring a hat to avoid strong sunlight, you should also check the weather forecast before going to avoid rainy days. 
  • Pay attention not to litter the temple grounds and not to pick flowers, break branches, or climb Buddha statues. 

Thien An Temple Quang Ngai has long been a favorite destination for many visitors to explore the sacred relics, pagoda sights and celebrations on the occasion of the New Year. If you visit Thien An Pagoda on the right occasion of the festival, you will be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere and learn about the unique culture of the people of Quang. 

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