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‘Unique in Quang Ngai’: The mountain and the temple ‘fascinate’ young people because of the strange name

Just because of the strange name, the mountain and the pagoda have “fascinated” young people not only in Quang Ngai but also in many neighboring places to come and enjoy.

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Thin Thinh Pagoda on the mountain of Thinh Thin. The name “Thunder” is curious for many people

“Unusual mountain name” is curious

On New Year’s Day, people in general and young people in particular come to Mount Thinh (in the territory of two communes Binh Tan Phu and Binh Thanh, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province) a lot.

What is the reason for coming to this mountain to visit and enjoy? Tran Thanh Vinh, a student at Dung Quat College of Technology (Quang Ngai), said: “Because the name of the mountain is curious”.

Similarly, Le Anh Tu, a student at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry, Quang Ngai branch, also said: “I went to the mountain because the name of the mountain is quite strange, attracting attention, so I hope to see an audience once. And today it was the target market “.

Mount Tinh Thinh becomes a destination for many people on great holidays, full moons, Tet…

Not only young people in Quang Ngai, this Lunar New Year , there are young people in Quang Nam or Binh Dinh who also come to Thinh Thin mountain to visit.

Dang Thanh Dai, a student at Quang Nam University, said that he and a group of friends crossed a distance of nearly 70 km to enter the mountain because he wanted to see with his own eyes the beautiful scenery in this place with this “unique” name .

Thanks to the “good news from far away”, Thinh Thin Mountain, Thinh Thin Pagoda has become one of the “hot” destinations that many young people come to travel and visit.

Why is it named Thin Thin?

Mount Tinh Thinh has an altitude of nearly 170 meters above sea level. The mountain is shaped like a giant crocodile, tilted from 32 degrees to 42 degrees, east and west are different along the Phoenix mountain range.

A resident here said that in the old days the mountain was called Co Son. Some time later, the mountain was called Thanh Thanh Son again. But then when the local people set foot on the mountain to collect firewood, plant trees, etc., the footsteps sounded like echoing the sound of “silent”.

And then, the people named the mountain “Thanh Thin” for the same rhyme. The name of Thinnh Mountain came from that time until now.

The temple is crowded with people on the occasion of the Lunar New Year

According to many scientific studies, the reason when footsteps have a “silent” sound is because the mountain is composed of laterite. Inside the mountain, there is a laterite structure, creating countless holes and bumps. So when there is an external force, it creates an echo.

There is a folk song that many Quang Ngai people know by heart. They are: “Thin Thin Mountain, the temple is also Thinh Thin / Who goes up there let me ask / Why should it be famous / Let the land for a thousand years be pounded”.

Because on the mountain with this “unique” name, there is a hundred-year-old Vien Giac pagoda lying alone on the top of Thinnh mountain. This ancient temple is very peaceful with ancient features and old architecture.

Because it is located on Thinh Thin Mountain, few people call Vien Giac Pagoda Vien Giac Pagoda, but call it by the name Thin Thin Pagoda.

Many young people come to Thinh Thin Pagoda to visit on Tet holiday

Thin Thinh is so beautiful!

If in the past, Thinh Thin Mountain was like “alone and one realm”, always quiet and deserted, and only on full moon days or great holidays, people come to the temple to burn incense and worship, then in recent years , more and more visitors come to visit.

And thanks to the “good news from far away”, Thinh Thin Mountain, Thinh Thin Pagoda has become one of the “hot” destinations that many people come to travel and visit.

Many ancient architectural works at Thinh Thin Pagoda

According to Tran Thi Thuy Ngan, a student at Pham Van Dong University (Quang Ngai), feels very impressed with Thinh Thin Mountain. Ngan said: “The mountain is surrounded by immense primeval forests, looking very poetic and majestic. From the top of the mountain, one can reach out to see a peaceful and peaceful countryside.”

And Nguyen Cong Trong: ” Thinh Thin Mountain has pristine beauty. Standing on the mountain, it feels like standing on a level with white clouds drifting.”

The ancient well is a hundred years old in Thinnh Mountain

Meanwhile, Thinh Thin Pagoda also leaves many “plus points” in the hearts of tourists.

“Thin Thinh Pagoda has the architecture of an ancient religious building, with many statues steeped in time. For some reason, when walking around the temple, listening to the temple bells ring, my heart seems to see very relaxed and serene,” said Dang Thao My, a student at Pham Van Dong University (Quang Ngai).

From the top of Thinnh mountain, you can reach out to see a peaceful and peaceful countryside

Thirty years ago, Thinh Thinh Pagoda was ranked as a provincial historical and cultural relic by the People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province. Up to now, the pagoda has undergone many restorations but still retains its ancient features.

 ( According to thanhnien)