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Experience when traveling to Khe Hai Quang Ngai ‘hot escape’ on a hot summer day 2021

If Ly Son Island has majestic nature and charming Sa Huynh sea, Khe Hai sea tourism impresses visitors with its rustic, peaceful and gentle beauty is the ideal destination to “escape” on clear days. hot, hot summer 

Instructions on how to move to Khe Hai beach

Where is Khe Hai Beach ? Khe Hai beach is located in Binh Thanh commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. About 8km west of Dung Quat port and close to Rang sea in Quang Nam province. Khe Hai Beach is located deep in Dung Quat Bay, surrounded by Ban Than cape and Ong Islet, so there is a calm sea and quiet wind. 

Experience when traveling to Khe Hai Quang Ngai ‘hot escape’ on a hot summer day 2021
Khe Hai Quang Ngai Beach Tourism

Khe Hai Beach is also known as Heavenly Sea, because it possesses a beautiful landscape like a water-based painting that captivates people’s hearts. How to move to Khe Hai Quang Ngai beach , you follow the direction of Highway 1 from Chau O town, Binh Son district to the North about 8km to Doc Soi junction. 

Next, you go towards Dung Quat port for 4km, turn north about 2km, then go onto the dirt road and go through the poplar forest to Khe Hai beach. 

Touring Khe Hai by motorbike

The best time to travel to Khe Hai beach

Traveling to Khe Hai beach as well as other beaches, for swimming and sightseeing, you need to find out weather information and choose a beautiful time, it is sunny and no rain. The best time to travel to Khe Hai beach is from March to August, at this time, it is sunny, clear, and less stormy, suitable for relaxing, cool bathing, and sightseeing.

Beautiful sea view

In the remaining time, you can still go to Khe Hai beach, although there may be storms, but the service price at this time is very cheap. Experience Khe Hai beach tourism, on hot summer days to go swimming, you should also bring a hat with wide brimmed brim, maxi dress, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

Enjoy the peaceful space of Khe Hai beach

What is attractive about Khe Hai beach tourism in Quang Ngai ? You will admire the peaceful, rustic beach and majestic natural scenery. Khe Hai Beach has a crescent-shaped curved shape, with a stretch of coastline and smooth white sand. The sea water of Khe Hai is clear and blue, with light waves hitting the shore to release beautiful white foam. 

The impressive point of Khe Hai beach is that it is separate from the residential area, so it is very quiet and not as noisy as other beaches. Moreover, when traveling to Khe Hai beach, you can also admire the peaceful scene suitable for relaxation or organizing fun activities, teambuilding. 

Walking around Khe Hai beach to admire the scenery

Khe Hai Beach is located deep in Dung Quat Bay, so it is not swirled like other beaches and has quiet waves. What attracts tourists when coming to Khe Hai beach is that the sea water is very clean and clear, not cloudy or big waves like other beaches in Quang Ngai. The coast is shallow, so you are completely assured when swimming and swimming in Khe Hai. 

Admire the sunset

Every moment of the day in Khe Hai Beach has its own beauty. At dawn, the rays of sunlight shimmer with light rays covering the vast sea. As sunset gradually falls to the sea surface, the scene becomes more and more lively with fishing boats returning from the sea after a hard working day. 

At night, Khe Hai beach glows with romantic moonlight, you can walk to the sea, admire the starry sky and listen to the murmuring waves. Regardless of the moment of the day, Khe Hai beach appears with a very romantic and beautiful scene like a charming picture. 

Relaxing bathing in the sea

Not only possessing beautiful scenery, Khe Hai beach tourism also owns a convenient location. You can combine with exploring other famous destinations such as Ong Islet with majestic reefs and caves or Rang sea in Quang Nam. 

Beautiful virtual life

What to eat when traveling to Khe Hai beach?

What to eat when traveling to Khe Hai beach ? You will enjoy a lot of delicious and affordable seafood dishes such as: Grilled shrimp, shrimp porridge, steamed clams with onions, steamed crabs with salt and pepper … Besides, you also enjoy special Delicious dishes made from salamanders in Trung An village, Binh Thanh. 

The delicious and chewy salamanders are seasoned with attractive spices or the dish cooked with turmeric porridge is also popular. Seafood in Khe Hai are all processed from fishermen in Binh Hai commune, Binh Thanh along the Sa Can estuary, so they are very fresh. 

Specialties grilled thunderstorm

About delicious restaurants in Khe Hai beach, because the beach is still unspoiled, restaurants and eateries have not yet developed. Mainly the hut quarters are made of bamboo, the simple huts are covered with canvas or thatched with coconut roof to serve the dining needs of tourists. In the coastal area, there are people serving seafood processing on the spot for visitors after swimming to enjoy.

Where to stay when traveling to Khe Hai beach?

If you want to stay overnight when going to  Khe Hai beach, you can refer to hotels such as:

Khe Hai Beach Hotel
  • Sa Huynh Beach Resort – Address: Highway 1A, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai. Room rates range from 850,000 VND / night.
  • Petro Song Tra Hotel – Address: No. 2, Quang Trung, P. Le Hong Phong, Quang Ngai. Room rates range from 550,000 VND / night.
  • Central Quang Ngai Hotel – Address: No. 1, Le Loi Street, Quang Ngai. Room rates range from 500,000 VND / night.
  • Duc Long Hotel Gia Lai – Dung Quat. Address: Doc Soi intersection, Dung Quat economic zone, Quang Ngai. Room rates range from 450,000 VND / night.

Those are the experiences sharing in Khe Hai Quang Ngai sea tourism: Nice time, how to move, visit, eat . Hope to help you equip yourself with the most useful information for your upcoming Khe Hai beach trip. 

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