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The beautiful check-in coordinates are mesmerizing on Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island is also known as Cu Lao Re, located in Quang Ngai province, about 25km from the mainland. This island is not only famous for garlic cultivation but also attracts tourists by its natural beauty, unspoiled landscape and many unique scenic relics, with historical value of the Vietnamese people. 

The majestic mountains rise in the middle of the vast sea and sky, charming beaches with long stretches of white sand, green forests or lush fields stretching out in the bright sunlight … All creating a magnificent natural picture that not everywhere can be. Therefore, Ly Son Island is likened to a fairy oasis hidden in the wild beauty of heaven and earth.

Ly Son Island has hundreds of historical relics bearing cultural imprints. So after relaxing with the beauty of nature and the sea, do not forget to explore Ly Son Island – “paradise in the middle of the sea” through caves, pagodas, temples and unique landmarks.

Destinations should not be missed at Ly Son Island

1. Temple of the Cave

The first destination that you should not miss when traveling to Quang Ngai , Ly Son Island is Hang Pagoda. Hang Pagoda is also known as Thien Khong Thach Tu or Wat Troi Sinh, located in the northeast of the island, in An Hai commune, on Thoi Loi mountain. The temple was built during the reign of King Le Kinh Tong. 

The name of Hang pagoda is because the pagoda is located in the largest rock cave on Ly Son island of Thoi Loi mountain range, with lava color, high cliffs nearly 20m high. In particular, the road going up from the sea to the Hang Pagoda is very impressive, with one side being a towering cliff, the other is the blue sea. The beautiful and airy natural landscape contributes to the tranquil beauty of Hang Pagoda.

The beautiful check-in coordinates are mesmerizing on Ly Son Island
Hang pagoda is also known as Thien Khong Thach Tu or Heavenly Stone Pagoda
Beautiful and peaceful natural scenery at Hang Pagoda.

2. Arch Gate

To reach To Vo gate, you can depart from the main wharf and go to Ly Son’s welcome gate, then turn left and follow a small road to near Dam Pagoda. You will see a small rocky ledge lying close to the sea with a very unique and strange shape. It is the To Vo gate – a very popular place to check-in and take pictures with young people. 

To Vo Gate is 2.5m high, completely natural. Around To Vo gate are beautiful, shiny black lava fields. Coming here at dawn or dusk, you not only can admire the beautiful natural picture but will definitely “capture” many moments of “virtual life” extremely magical and romantic.

To Vo Gate, located close to the sea, has a very unique and strange shape.
This place becomes a popular place to check-in and take photos.
With a unique and beautiful scenery, To Vo Gate is also known as Heaven Gate.

3. Hon Mu Cu

Hon Mu Cu is located in the East of Ly Son Island, 3.2km from the district center, close to the An Hai Dao Lon mooring place. This place is not only famous for its unique black rocks, but also the most beautiful sunrise viewing place in Ly Son. 

The scenery in Mu Cu is truly captivating and can help people forget about the troubles and stress of the present life. When dawn just dawned, each golden ray of sunlight shone sparkling on the sea surface and splashed on black rocks that made them change color to create a vivid picture. In particular, in Mu Cu island visitors can also see nature from the lighthouse here. Having traveled to Ly Son island without visiting Mu Cu island to hunt beautiful pictures is a big shortcoming.

Hon Mu Cu is the place to watch the most beautiful sunrise in Ly Son. 
Visitors can also see nature from the lighthouse here.
The beautiful, wild landscape makes people get rid of the sorrows and worries of life.

4. Hang Cau

Hang Cau is located in Dong village, An Hai commune, at the foot of Thoi Loi mountain. This is one of the beautiful destinations that create the brand “paradise island” Ly Son. Favored by nature, the scenery is majestic, one side is the sea, the other is the mountain.  

Hang Cau is eroded by waves and sea winds, gouged deep into the mountain bed and formed from lava over thousands of years. Coming here, visitors are really overwhelmed by the beautiful natural beauty and extremely seductive. Lying on the smooth white sand, listening to the murmuring waves of rocks, taking the cool breeze and watching the unique masterpiece of nature is nothing more wonderful. In addition, visitors can also participate in many interesting recreational activities such as fishing, diving and watching coral, …

Hang Cau has a majestic landscape, one side is the sea, the other is the mountain.  
Hang Cau is eroded by waves and sea winds, gouged deep into the mountain bed and formed from lava over thousands of years.
Admiring the beautiful nature and many recreational activities will make your trip complete and memorable.

5. Fatherland flag flagpole on the top of Thoi Loi

National flag flagpole on the top of Thoi Loi, Ly Son Island was built on May 4, 2013. The flagpole is made of reinforced concrete, 20m high, facing the Hoang Sa archipelago. This is one of the “extremely hot” check-in spots for tourists when visiting tourism on Ly Son Island.

The National Flag flagpole on Big Island is an extremely hot check-in spot for young people.

6. Thoi Loi Peak

Thoi Lon Peak is originally a volcano that has stopped working. This is the highest mountain peak on Ly Son Island. If you want to see the panoramic view of Ly Son Island, you can follow the cliff road to climb to Thoi Loi. From here, you can zoom out of sight to admire the enchanting natural beauty with the immense sea and sky and unique shaped rock rapids.

Thoi Loi Peak is the highest mountain on Ly Son Island.
Here you can admire the enchanting natural beauty with the immense sea and sky

7. Be Island

Be Island, also known as An Binh Island, has a fairly small area but has a very strong attraction. The island captivates visitors by its beautiful beach with smooth white sand, clear, deep blue water. Visiting Be Island, you can walk around a rim around the island to visit the natural beauty, admire the garlic field. There are also many fun and relaxing activities such as diving, watching coral, camping, enjoying fresh and eye-catching seafood.

Island Be has many beautiful beaches with smooth white sand, clear water, deep blue.
Goes around the island to admire the beautiful natural scenery.

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