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Where tourists ‘leave the city to the forest’ in Ha Tinh

HA TINH – Khe Lang Green Farm in Can Loc district is likened to a garden, visitors can pick fruits to eat on the spot, experience farming…

Khe Lang Green farm is more than 30 hectares wide, in Dat Do village, Thuong Nga commune, Can Loc district. This place is surrounded by rolling hills next to each other, next to a large lake, airy and poetic space.

The camp is about 30 km from the center of Ha Tinh city, 40 minutes by car or motorbike. This is an ideal place for many tourists to “leave the city to the forest”, away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the charming mountainous area. The entrance to the camp is a concrete road 4 m wide, more than 1 km long, with many winding slopes like the roads around the pine forest in Da Lat.

Seen from above, the farm looks like a giant green carpet with many kinds of fruit trees planted in squares, rectangles and triangles.

Mr. Le Van Hai (47 years old, farm owner, right corner) said that four years ago, he bought the land from the people and raised a problem with the government to make a model of organic fruit growing in combination with tourism. experiential ecology. Fruits in the farm have been harvested and sold for many generations. New tourism model applied, next time will calculate the direction to collect experience fees.

The farm grows 1,500 dragon fruit roots, each year harvests 3 main crops, a crop of 20 tons, picking a litter every 55-60 days.

In addition, there are many typical fruit trees at the farm such as green-skinned pomelo, Phuc Trach, crispy orange, Vinh orange, apple, guava, mango… In the photo is an apple orchard of 2 hectares.

500 Thai jackfruit trees are in the fruiting season. According to Mr. Hai, the goal is to have 3-4 kinds of fruit in the main season for tourists to enjoy at any time of the year.

Visitors can push carts to harvest fruit, experience farmers’ jobs such as: taking care of trees, watering, clearing grass and cleaning the campus… “Come here, I feel like I’m lost in a paradise the western garden area with all kinds of blooming fruits,” said Khanh Linh (photo, resident of Ha Tinh city).

According to Mr. Le Van Hai, the farm uses biological plant protection products to take care of the plants. Therefore, the fruit is always a clean product, when visiting, visitors can pick the fruit from the branches to cut it in the garden without washing it. “In one session, visitors will experience all the gardens, immerse themselves in the surrounding nature of mountains and rivers,” said Mr. Hai.

The camp has a fish pond system of thousands of square meters, visitors can row a boat to take a stroll in the lake bed or drop a net to catch fish.

The farm raises pigs, chickens, ducks, releases fish, grows a variety of green vegetables… After experiencing the hill garden, anyone who wants to have lunch and dinner can contact the owner to enjoy the dishes. “homegrown”.

Khe Lang Green has 17 full-time employees, in addition to seasonal workers, with an average monthly salary of 6 million VND. Follow vnexpress

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