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Four famous noodle dishes of Hue

In addition to beef pork vermicelli, mussel vermicelli, turmeric vermicelli with pork heart, are also specialties of the ancient capital that many diners want to enjoy.

In addition to the mausoleums and historical attractions, Hue also attracts tourists with its diverse and easy-to-eat cuisine. Here are the noodle dishes that are often mentioned by many people when talking about the cuisine of this place.

Beef rice noodles

For many people, this dish has become a “legend” in the culinary village. Referring to Hue, pork noodle soup is the first dish that people talk about. In the ancient capital, this dish is sold everywhere, from popular street vendors, and local markets to luxury restaurants.

In most other cities across the country, the vermicelli used in this dish usually has thick fibers. But in Hue, you can enjoy different versions of vermicelli: big noodles and some places selling small noodles. A full bowl of vermicelli usually consists of greasy pork rolls, one or two large pieces of blood, beef trotters, and thinly sliced ​​boiled beef. The price per bowl ranges from 20,000 VND (at Dong Ba market) to 50,000 VND (at restaurants).

Four famous noodle dishes of Hue
Beef vermicelli served with raw vegetables and bean sprouts. If you like to eat cooked vegetables, you can ask the restaurant owner to bare the raw vegetables first. Photo: Ngoc Tran

Turmeric noodles with pork heart

Although it is a popular dish, turmeric noodle with pig’s heart is loved by people as much as beef vermicelli. The main ingredients of the dish are yellow vermicelli noodles dyed with fresh turmeric, pig intestines, pig blood, laksa leaves, mixed with spices, satay, and soy sauce.

The ingredients to make a popular noodle dish, are elaborate processing. Vermicelli must be fragrant, pork intestines must be washed to remove all odors, greasy secretions, and rich taste to be considered “standard”.

Depending on the place, the average price of a bowl of this noodle is from 15,000 VND. Photo: Ngoc Tran

Mussels noodle

At shops selling mussel rice, the owner often sells another dish, mussel vermicelli. This is also a type of mixed vermicelli, eaten dry with fried mussels, raw vegetables, crushed roasted peanuts, rice paper, pork skin, fat and finally a spoonful of fish sauce. Next is a layer of vegetables including banana flowers, bamboo shoots, pineapple, star fruit and herbs, fried chili.

Depending on the restaurant or the request of the eater, they will pour hot mussel water over the bowl of mussel vermicelli or keep it in a separate bowl.

The price of a bowl of vermicelli starts from 10,000 VND. Photo: Ngoc Tran

Rice noodles with barbecue

This is not necessarily a unique dish of Hue cuisine, many provinces and cities across the country have it. However, the grilled pork vermicelli here has its own flavor thanks to the sauce, made from liver, flour, sesame, peanuts and then reduced with minced pork, fish sauce, pepper… After getting a mixture With a special combination, fragrant, the owner (in Hang Ga) will bring it to serve diners, to pour over the bowl of vermicelli with white, flexible fibers. Accompanying it is grilled meat that is seasoned with flavor.

The price of a serving of grilled pork vermicelli is about 30,000 – 40,000 VND. Photo: Ngoc Tran

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