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“Escape” to Vinh Thanh sea

“escapes” someone who doesn’t like it, sounds like no main road. I like it again, it evokes curiosity to discover when going to the sea is not just about swimming!

The pristine beauty of Vinh Thanh beach makes many people excited. Photo: NGUYEN PHONG

If you don’t believe it, go back to Vinh Thanh (Phu Vang) once and try it out. This beach has been invested to become a destination like Thuan An. However, it has been more than 10 years, Vinh Thanh still has its pristine beauty, making many people like me excited. Just imagine, with a few soul mates who share the same interests, coming back to Vinh Thanh at the weekend from dawn to late at night, we will have a feeling with a full range of emotions. 

Touching our eyes at dawn or at sunset are fishing boats anchored and waiting on the sand. On sunny summer days, after lunch and dinner, a little rest is when Vinh Thanh fishermen go out to sea. Also because fishing is near the shore, the means of transport is quite simple, just a basket boat, boat, net, bait, some food, drinking water… and the next morning they can return with a bunch of fish and shrimp, squid crab. What a wonderful moment to… shoot.

That is also the time when we can meet and talk with the coastal people with dark skin, Hue voice, gentle, sincere and very hospitable temperament. What is always interesting for tourists is going to the sea to choose fresh squid and iridescent crabs from a fishing boat that has just landed so that they can ask restaurants or local people to process them into delicious dishes. fresh food.

“Escape” to Vinh Thanh sea

Specialty bee fish. Photo: DEN

Strange and attractive in Vinh Thanh as well as many other coastal areas in Thua Thien Hue are the dishes. Suddenly, I found the taste of the daily rustic delicacies of this place when enjoying dishes made from all kinds of scads, flying fish, bee fish… My favorite dishes are grilled flying fish and steamed squid with ginger. If the grilled flying fish is firm, has a natural sweetness, when eating it, it reminds me of the pot of braised fish in the countryside, the steamed squid with ginger is a bit expensive, but the meat is soft and sweet. especially the belly is full of greasy eggs, whoa, don’t miss it!

Like most other beaches in the Central region, Vinh Thanh is always full of sunshine with a blue sky with white clouds, whispering waves, white foam. The long stretch of white sand beach, blue sea water… no doubt, is the ideal place to swim. It is also clever to compliment someone who has created fancy thatched roofs that make after a moment of playing with the waves, they can gather and relax inside a romantic space.

Staying a little longer with Vinh Thanh beach will have more interesting discoveries. Not far is the “ghost” city of An Bang with many curious people. Right in Vinh Thanh (together with Vinh An), the luxury tourism project Hue Amusement and Beach Park belonging to PSH Group Spain was built, and also here (together with Vinh Xuan) is the project of a tourist complex. ecology, entertainment, luxury resort FLC Hue is implementing. That is also the reason why I and others are more excited, more and more want to “escape” on the weekend to Vinh Thanh to swim, relax and explore.

“Escape” to Vinh Thanh, it will be difficult if you go from Hue to Thuan An, then along Highway 49B. It’s far away… The road is winding and crowded. I say that to invite you to Vinh Thanh along Provincial Road 10D, from the intersection of Hue bypass, through rural fields and bridges over Dai Giang and Thuy Tu, smooth asphalt road. The first time you have to find out, because the beach is not only far from the main road or the center of the market town, but also deep in the sand-proof poplar forest. The turn-on Provincial Road 10D is a concrete road under the casuarina forest and needs more signposts to make someone both suspicious and excited.

However, during this epidemic season, it is not advisable to invite each other to Vinh Thanh to “hide” when the concentration of people is at potential risk of disease. Wait until peace returns. Follow Bao Thừa Thien Huế

Vinh Thanh in rough sea season

At the end of the year, the wave season is fierce, but fishermen in coastal communes of Phu Vang district (Thua Thien-Hue) still push their boats out to sea because of a lot of fish and shrimp.

Vinh Thanh is a beautiful beach, famous for its fresh and cheap seafood, about 40 km southeast of Hue city. In particular, the people here are very friendly and the people’s way of going to the beach is also very interesting.

Usually, around 11-12 o’clock is when the boat the day before returns, the people here have a very good way of bringing the boat to the shore, which is a combination of human and sea power.

They take advantage of the waves to raise the boat, and at the same time use human power to push the boat ashore, and here shows the community of the people very high.

The time after 12 o’clock is when the boat starts to sail, at this time the boat is brought out according to the reverse process, taking advantage of the waves to raise the boat and using human power to push the boat out.

However, now pushing the boat against the waves is more difficult and laborious, and failure is almost inevitable.

After the boat passes the first wave, the boatman will quickly jump to start the engine and turn the boat around, then accelerate just before the second wave hits.

The season of rough seas is also the time when fish is abundant, fishermen often call this a “Tet gift” from the sea, so many people expect a full catch.

Therefore, despite the big waves, the fishermen were still determined to push the boat out to sea. In return, when you have crossed the waves far away, when you return to the shore, everyone’s boats are full of fish and shrimp.

The boat sets sail, on the shore are the aunts and uncles removing their tongues, the peaceful scene of a fishing village appears in front of visitors when coming here, making many people excited and take beautiful photos.

The gift of the sea is fresh seafood and the gentle smile of the fishing village people…

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