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The ghostly scene in the park in Hue was once published in the American newspaper

After many years of being abandoned, Thuy Tien Lake Park (Hue City) has become murky and magical. That is what makes this park so famous.

Thuy Tien Lake Park is located on Thien An hill (Thuy Bang commune, Hue city). The park was built in 2000 with an area of ​​about 50ha. This place is about 10km from Hue city center.

In June 2004, Thuy Tien lake park was officially completed and put into operation with many items such as aquarium, water music area… However, due to inefficient business process, this park was closed. closed and abandoned for a long time.

The highlight of Thuy Tien lake park is the symbol of a giant dragon winding on the roof of the building. Abandoned for a long time, this park is seriously degraded. The scene inside is desolate and ghostly.

The giant dragon’s head was damaged, covered with moss.

The walls at Thuy Tien lake park are painted dirty. Many households living near the park often bring their cattle to graze. The whole large space here is full of garbage and cattle manure.

The water music stage with a capacity of 2,500 people is badly degraded. The whole area is covered with weeds and moss.

The project is quite large but abandoned, creating a gloomy scene. This is what inadvertently made the park famous. In 2016, the US newspaper Huffington Post published an article about Thuy Tien lake park with the title “Abandoned water park is not for timid hearts”. 

Many foreign tourists come to Thuy Tien lake park to experience it. However, recently this project has been strictly protected and completely banned from visitors.

After many years of abandonment, Thuy Tien lake park is about to be put back into operation. Accordingly, Hue City has approved a resolution on investment policy to embellish the Thuy Tien lake park project with a total investment of 20 billion dongs. After the renovation, this park will be open to locals and visitors.

(Dan Tri)


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