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“Maldives Hue version”: The first water bungalow in Vietnam, poetic and extremely sophisticated

Located along the banks of a large lagoon, Vedana Lagoon Resort Hue is one of the largest modern resorts in the ancient capital of Hue.

Hue from the past up to now has entered the memory of many people like a love song with elegant and courteous beauty. Hue becomes an extremely ideal resort for those who want to find a place to rest, a place to “take a break” away from the chaos of life. As the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia and located right on the land of Hue, Tam Giang lagoon is a “muse” in the eyes of many people, not as fierce as the ancients used to say. And the largest lagoon in that lagoon system is Cau Hai Lagoon, adjacent to Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa – A resort with the calm beauty of nature combined with the breath of contemporary art.

“Maldives Hue version”: The first water bungalow in Vietnam, poetic and extremely sophisticated

Nestled along the shores of a tranquil lagoon, Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa is conveniently located and surrounded by lush mountains for a distinct appeal. Thanks to its position almost isolated from the outside world, the resort is able to preserve peace and privacy throughout its entire area of ​​up to 27 hectares.

Different from the 5-star, modern resorts with glass rooms, stacked high-rise buildings, Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa has its own characteristics, the house spreads out to the sea, keeping the whole soul of nature and tourists. experience while enjoying high-class services, but still bring closeness, peace and privacy. On the other side is a green hill with poetic zigzag roads, in perfect harmony with the grass and trees.

Vedana Lagoon Resort includes 55 rooms villas and bungalows with 68 bedrooms.One of the most prominent features of this resort is the first water villas in Vietnam. The traditional point of bungalows is also reflected in the railing, which is made up of small vertical wooden bars – a familiar image in old houses.That highlight creates familiarity, closeness, and peaceful relaxation space for visitors.

The interior design of Vedana Lagoon Resort Hue is mainly made of natural wood mixed with industrial wood.The resort uses ceiling wood for all rooms in the system, industrial pressed wood and natural wood are the two types chosen to be used for the ceiling.

The main colors in the room space at Vedana Lagoon Resort Hue are also quite simple, mainly the deep tones that bring warmth and familiarity.Wooden tables and chairs used in the design are painted with rustic paint and used colors such as black, brown, yellow, … to embellish the space.

Each apartment has 2 bedrooms with a private bathroom separated by a kitchenette, living room, private sundeck and garden around the pool, promising to bring guests a comfortable, luxurious and sophisticated experience. economic.

Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa offers a unique, sweet, authentic Hue culinary experience.

According to research, the price of accommodation at Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa is having a preferential rate of only 2.3 million VND/night.

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