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There is the strangest restaurant in the land of Ca Mau cape, lying in the middle of the lagoon, selling anything, customers will eat it

This lagoon in the land of the cape is also known as the “sea and lake in the middle of the plain”, this is an ideal destination for those who want to learn about the fishing life of the people, find a peaceful place and eat delicious dishes. delicious at the unique restaurant in the middle of the lake.

Although Ca Mau has no shortage of places to play, and beautiful places to visit such as Ca Mau cape, Da Bac island, and U Minh forest, … but sometimes people like to explore new and interesting places. Therefore, Lagoon Thi Tuong will be the best choice for us to find a peaceful place or rest after a long and tiring trip. Thi Tuong lagoon, also known as Ba Tuong lagoon, stretches between 3 large districts: Cai Nuoc, Tran Van Thoi and Phu Tan, the lagoon is also one of the largest natural lagoons in the Mekong Delta region. .

There is the strangest restaurant in the land of Ca Mau cape, lying in the middle of the lagoon, selling anything, customers will eat it

Photo: Ngan Ha Nguyen Huu

On the lagoon, there are many rows of large and small houses on stilts scattered to guard the fishing nets right on the lagoon’s surface. In the past, the lagoon was just fishing, so not many people came here.

Photo: Ngan Ha Nguyen Huu

But in the past few years, many households living on the lagoon have started tourism and catering businesses. But the form of tourism in Thi Tuong lagoon is unlike any other when there is only one “restaurant” that welcomes diners in and out only once a day and only prepares certain dishes.

Photo: Sweet Potato

The reason for such a strange service is that this place is located in the middle of an immense lagoon. If you catch any delicious seafood, you will serve diners that same seafood that day, so there will not be many choices for food. guest. This place is also a gathering place for fresh seafood dishes obtained by people in the fishing area and tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh dishes without having to spend too much money. And diners only “take advantage” to come to the shop in the morning until almost noon because the shop will not serve in the afternoon.

Photo: Sweet Potato

Although the restaurant only serves rustic meals a day, it is full of local specialties and the food is always fresh, making many visitors satisfied. The processing methods are not picky and complicated, but thus retain the sweetness of fish and shrimp, the freshness of local products.

Photo: Sweet Potato

Ca Mau’s rustic dishes

But thanks to interesting features like these, Thi Tuong lagoon has become a favorite destination of “gourmet” Westerners or a place to bring friends from far away to visit the specialties of the cape. The uniqueness of customs combined with many cultural features of the indigenous people has created a rare beauty for Thi Tuong lagoon. The land and life of the people around Thi Tuong lagoon are associated with floating water, with natural aquatic resources.

Moreover, the water level here goes up and down according to the tide, in some places it is not as high as a person’s head, so visitors also have the opportunity to experience wading in the mud and catching fish and crabs. Thanks to its special structure and connection to the sea, a vast area of ​​water is always full of food for aquatic species to grow, so tourism is also a good form to spread the beauty. labor and cuisine of the lagoon.

Photo: thamhiemmekong

The means of transportation to visit the lagoon is also very interesting, visitors can choose to go by motorboat of the local people along the way to Thi Tuong lagoon. Just stop by and ask the motorboat to go to the lagoon, the hospitable people here are enthusiastic to guide. When moving to the restaurant by boat, visitors will feel the rustic and simple life of this land.

When finished eating, diners can also stay on stilts to rest and wait until sunset to enjoy the peaceful moment when the sun goes down, the boats look normal but in the afternoon sun become strange daydreaming.

Photo: bazantravel

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