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Unique festivals in Ca Mau attract tourists the most

Not only famous for its beautiful beaches, Ca Mau also attracts visitors with unique traditional festivals. Let’s summarize the festivals in Ca Mau that are unique and attractive to tourists below to visit when you have the opportunity to come to Dat Mui. 

The most famous and unique festivals in Ca Mau

Here are the most famous and attractive  traditional festivals in Ca Mau :

1. Nghinh Ong Song Doc Festival

– Venue: Ong Doc river mouth, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province

– Organization time: February 14 – 16 of the lunar calendar 

The most famous is the Nghinh Ong Song Doc festival which is held at the mouth of the Ong Doc river on February 14-16 of the lunar calendar every year. Nghinh Ong festival originated from the Cham people living in Cambodia. The festival of worshiping the Ca Ong faith of fishermen living in the coastal area of ​​Song Doc attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. 

Unique festivals in Ca Mau attract tourists the most
The famous Nghinh Ong Song Doc festival in Ca Mau

The festival begins with a procession of Ca Ong departing from the Tomb of Song Doc, then marching around the area of ​​Tran Van Thoi town. The highlight of the festival is the boat procession of Ca Ong taking the lead and placing a class incense burner. Behind the Ca Ong procession boat is a boat carrying drums, lion dance team and fish and shrimp decorated with vibrant colors. 

The most attractive activities for tourists when participating in Nghinh Ong festival are folk games. Among them are: Sword dance, stick push, tug of war, chess, lion dance… Therefore, if you are looking for special festivals in Ca Mau , then Nghinh Ong festival is the suggestion that you should not ignore. 

Nghinh Ong ceremony with boats going out to sea

2. Ceremonies of Thien Hau Ca Mau

– Location: 68 Le Loi, Ward 2, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province

– Time: 23rd day of the third lunar month

Ba Thien Hau festival is one of the famous festivals in Ca Mau attracting a large number of visitors. Thien Hau temple was built by the Chinese community living in Ca Mau to worship her. They believe that Thien Hau is the savior of the world and has magical powers to help people. The festival is held on the birthday of Mrs. Thien Hau, to commemorate her great merits. 

The ceremony of the goddess Thien Hau Ca Mau attracts visitors to participate

On the occasion of the 23rd March of the lunar calendar every year, Ba Thien Hau festival is held to attract a large number of tourists from near and far. The main offering for her is 12 white pigs. The ritual procession of Mrs. Thien Hau has young women wearing a typical Chinese cheongsam dress holding lanterns following the procession.

Ceremonies of Thien Hau Ca Mau

3. God Nong Ceremony in Ca Mau

– Location: Temple Than Tan Loc and Temple Than Tan Thuoc

– Time: Organized according to the time of the Ky Yen festival of Dinh Than Tan Loc and Dinh Than Tan Thuoc

The famous festivals in Ca Mau cannot be ignored. This is an important festival held in Tan Loc commune, which is associated with wet rice farming. The Shen Nong festival is held as an occasion to pray for favorable weather and to eradicate pests and diseases to help people have a bountiful harvest. 

Rituals at the Shen Nong ceremony in Ca Mau

The festival of Shen Nong is held in many places, but in Ca Mau it usually takes place in the spring around the 2nd lunar month. The first ritual of the ceremony is the incense song. When the incense is sacrificed, people in the festival organizers will make offerings to them in combination with kicking feet to the rhythm of the drums. At the end of the festival, there is a festival with tug of war, lion dance and stick push which is celebrated in a grand manner.

The Shen Nong Festival in Ca Mau attracts a large number of tourists

4. Ky Yen Festival at Tan Hung God Temple

– Location: Tan Hung communal house, National Highway 1, Ly Van Lam, Ca Mau city, Ca Mau province

– Time: May 10 – 11 of the lunar calendar

If you still don’t know which festival Ca Mau has , you can refer to Ky Yen festival held at Tan Hung temple. On festival days, locals and tourists gather at the communal house area, which is extremely lively.

Ky Yen Festival at Tan Hung God Temple

On the first day of Ky Yen festival, there is a procession to pray for peace and a good harvest. Next is the ritual of reading Huong Van and making sacrifices. The most exciting are fun activities and folk games that attract a large number of visitors such as tug of war, lion dance, wrestling, chess playing, singing Don ca tai tu… 

Sacrificial ritual at Ky Yen festival at Tan Hung temple

5. Chol Chnam Thmay Festival

– Location: Khmer temples in Ca Mau

– Time: April 13-15 (normal year) or April 13-16 (leap year) of the solar calendar

This festival in Ca Mau is also known as the coming of age ceremony. The festival is held at Khmer temples on the 3rd or 4th day of the fourth lunar month every year. The festival’s ritual and entertainment activities take place within 3 days, attracting a large number of Khmer people and tourists from all over the world. 

Chol Chnam Thmay Festival

Chol Chnam Thmay Festival is held with outstanding rituals such as: Praying for Surpassing Ceremony, Coming-of-age Ceremony, Dai Calendar Procession, Rice Offering Ceremony, Sand Mountain Construction Ceremony and Buddha Statue Bathing Ceremony. At the end of the ritual, family members will give thanks to let go of the shortcomings and mistakes of the past year. Wishing a new year full of luck and success. At the end of three holidays, the Khmer community in Ca Mau returned to normal life. Therefore, it is one of the special festivals in Ca Mau that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the land of Dat Mui.

Chol Chnam Thmay Festival is a special Khmer festival

Notes when participating in festivals in Ca Mau 

Participating in special festivals in Ca Mau , you should also “pocket” the following notes: 

– Should dress politely and discreetly when participating in festivals in Ca Mau . 

– Can prepare offerings to burn incense for good luck. 

– Because the festival attracts a large number of visitors, you should not bring a lot of valuable assets in case there are crooks. 

– Should bring sun hat and drinking water. 

– The festival often sells Ca Mau specialties for tourists to buy as gifts. 

Above is a summary of the most famous festivals in Ca Mau that you can refer to when you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful land of Dat Mui. Do not forget to save useful Ca Mau tourism information for your upcoming trip. 

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