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The experience of discovering the Song Tram Ca Mau eco-tourism area is so much fun

Song Tram’s eco-tourism area is an attractive destination for tourists with beautiful natural landscapes, fresh air, and diverse ecosystems. The following useful experiences will help you have a fun trip and explore Ca Mau Dat Mui to the fullest.

Where is Song Tram eco-tourism area? 

Song Trem’s eco-tourism area is located at Hamlet 17, Khanh Thuan commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province. Tram River, also known as Tram Tram River, is a branch of the Ong Doc River that crosses the Coc Bang Canal. This river divides the U Minh Ha forest into two regions: upper and lower. In which, U Minh Thuong belongs to Kien Giang province and U Minh Ha belongs to Ca Mau. Song Tram Ecological Area possesses poetic and peaceful beauty, which is an ideal place to relax when traveling to Ca Mau .

You can explore the Song Tram eco-zone at any time of the year. However, the most ideal time is from July to August of the lunar calendar. If you go at this time, you will enjoy the super delicious Rach Goc Ba Khiem specialties that are in season. It should be noted that the period from May to November is the rainy season in Ca Mau, so you should avoid going at this time.

The experience of discovering the Song Tram Ca Mau eco-tourism area is so much fun
Song Trem ecological area is a favorite destination for many tourists when coming to Ca Mau. Photo: 123tadi

How to move to Song Trem ecological area

According to the experience of going to Song Trem Ca Mau eco-tourism area, with its location about 20km from the center of U Minh district, visitors can easily go to this place by many different means of transport. Starting from the center of Ca Mau city, you go in the direction of Xuyen A road -> Bien Bach commune (Thoi Binh district) -> turn left across Song Trem bridge and continue for about 5km to reach Song Trem ecological area. 

For those of you who are far away when taking a plane to Ca Mau airport, it is most convenient to take a taxi to Song Trem ecological area. If you don’t know the road by motorbike, you can look up google maps.

How to move to Song Trem ecological area

What does Song Tram Ca Mau eco-tourism area have?

What does the Song Tram eco-tourism area have? The first impression of visitors when coming to this ecological area is the green road leading to the entrance. To visit the beautiful scenery here, you will be able to go through the melaleuca forest by motorboat. The Tram River north through the U Minh Ha forest is as beautiful as a silk strip, with an average depth of 4m.

The fresh natural scenery in Song Trem ecological area

What attracts visitors when exploring this river is that the color of the water changes with each season. It is the dark brown color of the water and the Melaleuca forest from the canal system to the Trem river, so it has such color. Ca Mau River Tram Ecological Area features beautiful natural scenery, surrounded by immense green Melaleuca trees and fresh air, becoming a favorite destination for relaxation.

Take a canoe to explore the Melaleuca forest in Song Trem ecological area

Not only attractive with beautiful natural scenery, but exploring Song Trem eco-tourism area you can also learn more than 300 species of rich flora and fauna. Song Tram tourist area has a total area of ​​110 hectares, including primeval forests with decades of age and plant species under the forest canopy. This ecological area is divided into two zones with rare animals with ostrich, python, wild boar, weasel, bear, gibbon, deer, mallard, ostrich… Especially, in the dense forest in the River. Tram raises many species of crocodiles, including one weighing up to 300kg. 

Discover the diverse fauna in Song Trem ecological area
Learn about the life of monkeys in the eco zone

If you travel to Song Tram Ca Mau ecological area in the spring, you will admire the blooming Melaleuca flower season to attract bees to make honey, with the specialty of U Minh forest honey. Visitors can book a tour through the melaleuca forest by motorboat to admire the beautiful scenery here and see the blooming water lilies and lotus flowers. Experience the tour through the forest and have fun and feed the monkeys with your own hands. 

There are many rare animals in Song Trem ecological area

Tourist places near Song Trem ecological area

After having fun at Song Tram ecological area , if you still have time, you can combine visiting nearby famous places such as: 

– Ca Mau Floating Market: Coming to Ca Mau, you should not ignore the floating market to learn about the vibrant life and scene of trading activities here. Let’s choose for yourself fresh products as gifts and enjoy the specialty of noodles. Besides, when visiting the Ca Mau floating market, visitors can also freely check-in virtual life with beautiful photos as a souvenir.

Check-in Ca Mau floating market. Photo: 123tadi

– Hon Da Bac: This is a place that attracts tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Ca Mau. Hon Da Bac possesses unspoiled beauty and fresh air. The highlight of Hon Da Bac is the bridge connecting the islands together as beautiful as a fairyland. 

– Thi Tuong lagoon: is the largest shrimp farming pond in Ca Mau, with all kinds of seafood and creatures. Visiting Thi Tuong Lagoon, visitors will be immersed in the natural landscape here and learn about the simple life of the people in the river.

Thi Tuong lagoon owns a beautiful romantic scene

Notes when going to Song Trem ecological area

Discovering Song Tram Ca Mau eco-tourism area , you should also know a few notes below:

– You should check the weather forecast before you go to have the most complete fun and discovery trip. 

– Bring insect repellant. 

– Prepare hats, cameras and drinking water. 

– Should wear sports shoes to facilitate movement. 

– In terms of food, you will enjoy a lot of rustic dishes such as Cobra with onion porridge, stir-fried bud, braised perch, grilled snakehead fish, young bee pupa salad, eel cooked in sour and sour soup… In the ecological area, there are huts serving the dining needs of tourists at reasonable prices. 

– About the place to rest, after sightseeing you can move to the center of Ca Mau town, there are many hotels and motels. 

– Buy gifts, you can choose pure U Minh forest honey.

Above is the full and detailed experience of going to the Song Trem Ca Mau eco-tourism area . Hopefully, the above information will help you have a happy trip and a memorable experience. 

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