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Review of beautiful cafes in Ca Mau with super delicious drinks

Coming to the beautiful cafes in Ca Mau, you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery, relax, enjoy delicious drinks, and “live virtual” to produce beautiful pictures. Let’s take a look at the most famous coffee shops in Ca Mau below.

Top beautiful cafes in Ca Mau for people who love ‘virtual living’

Here is a list of beautiful cafes in Ca Mau with addresses and opening times you can refer to:         

1. Koi Coffee

– Address: 12 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 5, Ca Mau City

– Opening time: 30,000 VND – 35,000 VND

– Price fluctuates: 7am – 10pm 

If you are looking for a koi cafe in Ca Mau , Koi Coffee at 12 Tran Hung Dao street is the ideal destination that you should not miss. Koi Coffee is the right place to meet friends, partners, and relatives to enjoy the relaxing moments of life. 

The shop is located in the center of Ca Mau, very easy to find. The space of the shop is spacious, with the first floor decorated with art paintings hanging on the wall and beautiful flower pots for visitors to drink coffee and enjoy the view. The ground floor of the shop is suitable for watching all kinds of colorful koi fish with a luxurious space. 

Review of beautiful cafes in Ca Mau with super delicious drinks
Koi Coffee has a beautiful and luxurious space

2. Huynh Huong Cafe

– Address: 22 Bui Thi Truong Khom 6, Ward 5, Ca Mau City

– Opening time: 7:00am – 10:00pm

– Price ranges: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND

The beautiful cafes in Ca Mau cannot be ignored Huynh Huong cafe at 22 Bui Thi Truong. The shop has a large space, divided into many areas with beautiful decorations including aquariums, plants and flower pots. If you want to enjoy coffee in a luxurious space, you can go to the area with an air-conditioned room, equipped with luxurious tables and chairs. Or a beautiful viewing area near the aquarium to admire the fish swimming around. 

In particular, when you come to Huynh Huong Cafe in the evening, you will admire the shimmering lights and beautiful fountains. Drinks at Huynh Huong cafe are diverse with many types such as: Cafe, smoothies, ice cream, cakes for you to choose freely. Affordable prices, beautiful space and enthusiastic service are the plus points of the restaurant. 

Huynh Huong Cafe has a fresh natural space

3. Years Coffee

– Address: 10 Nguyen Thai Binh, Ward 5, Ca Mau City

– Opening time: 6am – 10pm

– Price ranges: 30,000 VND – 40,000 VND

Anni Coffee is a beautiful view cafe in Ca Mau that is loved by many tourists today. The shop is impressive with luxurious design space and many super-quality virtual living corners. Although the space is not too spacious, it is beautifully decorated, each corner of the shop has a beautiful view for you to check in. 

The plus point of Anni Coffee is that the coffee taste has a delicious quality that few places have. Coffee is processed by automatic process and manual roasting, so it has a strong flavor that is hard to resist. Professional staff, beautiful space and delicious drinks are the outstanding advantages of the restaurant.

Anni Coffee is loved by many tourists when coming to Ca Mau

4. Tropical Art Coffee

– Address: No. 106 To Hien Thanh, Ward 5, Ca Mau City

– Opening time: 6am – 10pm

– Price ranges: 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND

The most famous beautiful cafe in Ca Mau today is Art Coffee Tropical, located on To Hien Thanh Street, Ward 5. The shop is impressive with a quiet space and is decorated with art style. Every corner at Tropical Art Coffee is meticulously cared for in every detail, providing beautiful shooting angles for virtual living. The menu of the shop features coffee, ice, juice… After enjoying the drink and taking pictures, you can move to the 2nd floor of the shop to admire the beautiful paintings by the owner himself. drawing shop. 

Tropical Art Coffee is a romantic date spot. Photo: Toplist

5. Lakeside Cafe

– Address: 1 May Street, Ward 5, Ca Mau City

– Opening time: 7am – 10pm 

– Price ranges: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND

Cafe Bo Ho is a delicious coffee shop, beautiful view in Ca Mau, famous for its natural scenery, ideal for relaxing after tiring working and studying moments. The plus point of the shop is the location next to the lake, the view of the clear blue lake and the easy-to-find location. Drinks at Cafe Bo Ho are considered rich and delicious. In particular, near the restaurant, there are many famous delicious restaurants for you to enjoy all kinds of Ca Mau specialties. 

Lakeside Cafe nice view
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6. Land Coffee

– Address: No. 68 Huynh Ngoc Diep, Ward 5, City. Ca Mau

– Opening time: 8am – 11pm 

– Price ranges: 20,000 VND – 35,000 VND 

Land Coffee is designed in a modern, youthful and old style. The highlight of the shop is decorated with unique items such as disc players, televisions, pendulum clocks, antique paintings of Hoi An from the 20s… Not only impressed with the decoration style. Beautiful nostalgia, when you come to Land Coffee you will also be rewarded with delicious drinks. Coffee at Land Coffee originates from Buon Ma Thuot, so the taste is rich and pure. So, if you are looking for a beautiful cafe in Ca Mau with delicious drinks, then Land Coffee is the ideal destination that you should not miss. 

Land Coffee is impressive with nostalgic space

7. Black Coffee

– Address: No. 43A Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 3. City. Ca Mau

– Opening time: 7:30 a.m. – 23 p.m 

– Price ranges: 25,000 VND – 40,000 VND

Black Cafe is decorated with black tones to create its own unique space, both luxurious and modern. So, when you come to Black Cafe, you will enjoy delicious drinks and enjoy the beautiful scenery here. The shop is located in the center of Ca Mau city, with a cool space and a beautiful view. The main drink of the iced coffee shop has a new and unique taste. In addition, when coming to Black Cafe, you can also enjoy many other delicious drinks such as smoothies, juices, snacks… 

Luxurious space of Black Cafe

Above are the famous beautiful coffee shops in Ca Mau, delicious drinks and reasonable prices, hoping to help you choose for yourself the most ideal address. Besides, you can refer to: Ca Mau travel experience to get more useful information for the upcoming trip. 

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