13.11.2022, 22:21

The “Farmer Master” in Ca Mau earns millions of dollars by nursery seedlings and farming perch

Master Truong Trong Nguyen comes from a genuine farmer. Over the past 10 years, he has worked and studied to improve his professional skills. His farming model brings in more than a billion dong/year in revenue.

Mr. Truong Trong Nguyen is developing a hybrid acacia seed nursery model combined with perch farming on his family land in Khanh Binh Northwest commune, Tran Van Thoi district. This is an area bordering with U Minh district, belonging to the U Minh Ha forest stand of Ca Mau province.

Mr. Nguyen was born in 1985, graduated with a master’s degree in forestry in 2017, and currently works at the Forest Protection and Management Technical Department of U Minh Ha Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company (Ca Mau province).

“When I graduated from grade 12, my family could not afford to continue my studies at university. Originally a farmer, from young age living in the buffer zone of the U Minh Ha forest, I made a living through many occupations such as: making nets. fishing, catching hamsters, collecting honey… selling to earn money to help support the family,” Nguyen confided.

According to Mr. Nguyen, from the encouragement and support of his family, and the hardships in the fields did not dampen his will to continue studying.

Years later, he worked as a farmer and enrolled in a distance-learning university. Having a university degree, he applied to work at U Minh Ha Forestry One Member Limited Liability Company in 2007.

By 2015, realizing that he was eligible to continue studying, he tried his best to take the entrance exam for a master’s degree in forestry by studying by working and graduating after more than 2 years of study. Having a professional degree and a stable job, Mr. Nguyen decided to use the knowledge he learned to build a model of family economic development associated with forestry – agriculture.

For more than a year now, he has used about 2 hectares of his family’s farmland and garden to cultivate acacia hybrids in the form of cuttings. The family has hired about 10 local workers to take care of and maintain the garden. In addition, Mr. Nguyen invested tens of millions of dong to install an automatic sprinkler irrigation system, which saves labor and saves water.

The stage of preparing the soil bag for the nursery of acacia hybrid cuttings.

“The process of cuttings from Acacia hybrid from start to finish lasts about 2 months. Some main stages are: Pruning cuttings from mother acacia hybrid, sorting and transplanting cuttings into soil bags, fertilizing, watering , monitoring growth conditions, thinning… Through many years of experience, we can do well and master all stages, so that we can produce satisfactory, healthy and suitable seedling products. soil conditions in Ca Mau”, Mr. Nguyen shared.

With the family’s production scale, every year Mr. Nguyen sells about 1 million Acacia hybrid seedlings (priced at 1,300 VND/tree), earning a profit of over 1 billion VND. This is a desirable amount of income that many years ago Mr. Nguyen “did not even see” – in his own words.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen also took advantage of about 1,000m2 of his family’s garden land to dig a pond to raise perch.

Each farming crop usually lasts about 3 months, will sell over 1 ton of fish at the price of around 40,000 VND/kg, generating tens of millions of VND in revenue.

Also according to Mr. Nguyen’s share, perch is a freshwater fish that is very suitable to grow in the natural environment in Ca Mau. Digging ponds to raise perch on garden land is very easy to do, quick to profit and low risk.

Having a stable income from making use of garden land to raise fish, and nurse seedlings, “master farmers” gradually have food and property. In the future, he continues to develop and expand the production model.

“In the acidic soil of U Minh Ha, there are quite a few breeders of hybrid acacia seedlings, so the family’s products are often not enough to supply farmers in the province. Faced with this fact, I often share experience and encourage people to boldly switch plant varieties and develop acacia hybrid farming, which has great potential in the locality,” Nguyen confided.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Tran Van Thoi district (Ca Mau province) assessed that the production model of Mr. Truong Trong Nguyen’s family is sustainable, bringing high economic value. This is an effective way of doing business on forest land, farmers should study and study.