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Bai Tram Phu Yen Tourist Area – Beautiful and attractive painting of the ocean

If you are looking for a secluded, pristine space but have something dreamy to enjoy the great holidays, look to the Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist area. With fresh sea nature combined with quality services will surely bring you the best vacation.

About Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist site 

Bai Tram Phu Yen Tourist Area is located in Hoa Loi commune, Xuan Canh village, Song Cau, Phu Yen. Located on a pristine coastline of 800m long, this is the first resort in Phu Yen, always offering the most unique experience as a 5-star resort. 

Bai Tram Phu Yen Tourist Area – Beautiful and attractive painting of the ocean
Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist area

The resort overlooks the green, green Phu Yen beach, combined with the yellow sand and green color of the adjacent mountains, providing a beautiful, charming natural scenery. Visitors can watch from a distance or take a walk along the beach to feel the most authentic of the beauty and fresh air here. 

The charming scene in the tourist area 

Move to Bai Tram – Phu Yen tourist area

If you choose to fly as a means of transportation to Bai Tram Phu Yen  , it will take you about 1 hour to fly from Saigon to Quy Nhon or Tuy Hoa station, then go on 4km from the main road to enter the area. travel. If traveling by train, this place is about 35.8km from Quy Nhon station. Or visitors can take a bus with a long distance of 70.6km. Along the way to Bai Tram tourist area, you will surely be shaken by the charming scenery, not too splendid, but enough to attract tens of thousands of visitors. 


Bai Tram Phu Yen – the first 5-star beach-close resort in Phu Yen 

Bai Tram tourist area (Phu Yen)  includes 209 villas, of which Hideaway Resort hotel owns 82 units. Here, visitors completely have for themselves the very interesting and unique 5-star travel experiences. The resort impresses visitors with white sand stretching along the coast, surrounded by hills, red rocks and flowing streams. This is the ideal getaway, helping you to immerse yourself in nature in the most authentic way. Currently, the resort in Phu Yen Bai Tram is being managed by the world-famous La Perla International Living Group.

Modern room system in Bai Tram tourist area 

This place is designed according to European and modern architecture but still retains the unique features of Phu Yen land. The resort apartments are roofed with coconut leaves, bearing Vietnamese identity. The facilities inside are modern, fully equipped with all amenities. 

The architecture here combines modernity and tradition

Sitting under the roof shaded by coconut leaves, overlooking the sea, surrounded by mountains and hills. A scene couldn’t be any better. Lying on the hammock swaying with the wind, dropping your soul into the vast ocean, hearing the whispering waves, you will feel incredible peace of mind. 

Enjoy the moments of peace that passes (photo: traceknowland)

Quality services in Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist area 

Bai Tram is a beach with a beauty like a picture of the sun. This place has mountains, romantic blue sea and sandy beach along the coast. The quality of service here is rated 5-star standard. Guests will surely be extremely satisfied when booking a vacation in the resort. Here you will only feel peace, relaxation and comfort. 

Large swimming pool

Guests will be conscientious care with modern Spa services right on the resort’s premises without having to move far. Health care services, spirit usually will only be covered with a fairly thin curtain, not hinder immersing in nature. 

In addition, Phu Yen Bai Tram Resort is located very close to the beach, so you can come here to camp, have a picnic, and set a campfire at night. Or simply go together to watch the sunrise and sunset on the romantic beach. [/b]

Health care services

What to eat when visiting Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist area?

In the resort Bai Tram – Phu Yen is naturally in favor of seafood very plentiful, fresh and delicious. A specialty not to be missed when coming here is lobster, this is high-quality seafood, very rich in nutrients. To be able to bring the full taste of shrimp, people here have created many dishes. Typically: lobster hotpot, lobster blood soup, grilled lobster with cheese, … 

Lobster Phu Yen

Notes when coming to Bai Tram Phu Yen tourist area

According to [b]Phu Yen tourism experience , the ideal time to relax at Bai Tram resort is summer. Being in a tropical monsoon climate, Phu Yen has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons in the year. However, the rainy season will be quite short, falling from September to December. 

In addition, when choosing a resort here, you should refer to the child support policies, extra bed. In particular, during the peak tourist season, you should book early rooms. 

On holidays, remember to book your room first

Some people like the noisy bustle, some people love the ancient beauty and tranquility. If you want to find a peaceful, quiet sea, Bai Tram Phu Yen resort will be a very wonderful choice. This place converges all the factors to help visitors get themselves a dream vacation. 

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