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List of famous seafood restaurants in Vung Ro that you should not miss

As one of the two most famous seafood places in Phu Yen, Vung Ro is a paradise for you to enjoy the freshest seafood dishes of the sea of ​​Nau. Seafood restaurants in Vung Ro are also extremely rich, so you can comfortably check in and enjoy attractive parties. 

Vung Ro is a very famous destination in Phu Yen, where it is not only a place associated with the numberless ship, Hon Nua island, near Mui Dien but also an extremely attractive seafood bowl of the country with many many famous restaurants. The seafood restaurant in Vung Ro is an intimate rendezvous of culinary devotees with airy space, sea view, impressive design, and especially the extensive menu. If you are traveling to Vung Ro for the first time and do not know where to go to enjoy seafood, the suggestions below will be a useful guide for you. 

List of famous seafood restaurants in Vung Ro that you should not miss

Visiting floating restaurants to eat seafood is an experience not to be missed when traveling to Vung Ro. Photo: haloquynhon

Revealing the most famous seafood restaurants in Vung Ro 

1. Vi Anh floating raft restaurant

Referring to the seafood restaurants in Vung Ro that should be visited the most, the floating raft restaurant Vi Anh is one of the prominent names. To enter the restaurant, you will pass through a wooden pontoon bridge on Vung Ro beach with many colorful pinwheels. The space of this floating restaurant is very airy with 3 separate areas including a seafood farming area with all kinds of diversity, from fish, crabs, crabs to lobsters and all kinds of sea snails.

The entrance to Vi Anh seafood restaurant. Photo: FB of Vi Anh floating restaurant

The next area is the kitchen, where the dishes are prepared according to the customer’s choice and the third area is where you enjoy the food. The seafood here is very fresh, the processing is attractive, keeping the fresh taste of the seafood. Especially, the prices at Vi Anh restaurant are listed, so you can safely order without fear of being hacked. 

Guests can freely choose fresh seafood for the restaurant to prepare. Photo: FB of Vi Anh floating restaurant

Address: Vung Ro, Hoa Tam, Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen

2. Dong Lai floating raft restaurant

Dong Lai is a familiar address for many foodies and is also a very famous seafood restaurant in Vung Ro . The restaurant has a very open space, beautiful view, dedicated service style, and especially an abundant source of seafood, the processing is very attractive.

The check-in corner is very nice at Dong Lai floating raft restaurant. Photo:@Yi_Yong_Lai

The seafood dishes at Dong Lai restaurant are prepared with diverse flavors, fully satisfying the taste of diners. Seafood is always very fresh and there are many varieties so you can freely choose according to your preferences. Dong Lai restaurant also lists available prices, so you can rest assured to consult and choose dishes without fear of pitfalls. 

Seafood in Dong Lai is very diverse. Photo: Dong Lai floating FB friends

Address: Vung Ro, Hoa Tam, Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen

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3. Thanh Nien floating raft restaurant

Thanh Nien floating raft restaurant is an attractive seafood restaurant in Vung Ro that you should not miss. The restaurant has a cool space, especially there is a spacious parking space for diners, so you will find it very convenient. This restaurant in Vung Ro has quite a quiet space, so it is suitable for you to visit, chat together, and enjoy delicious food. 

Thanh Nien floating raft restaurant is located on the sea with a very nice view. Photo: FB Floating Friends of Youth

The restaurant’s seafood is taken directly from the local fishermen every day, so it’s very fresh and the way of processing is suitable for many diners. The outstanding plus point of this restaurant is that the price is not too high, so you can enjoy it comfortably without fear of burning out your pocket.

Very fresh seafood caught of the day. Photo: FB Floating Friends of Youth

Address: Vung Ro, Hoa Tam, Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen

4. Bon Thinh floating raft restaurant

This seafood restaurant in Vung Ro is the oldest, so it has a lot of experience in serving tourists. The dishes and seafood of this restaurant all have their own unique imprint, delicious and attractive from simple dishes to exotic dishes.

Bon Thinh is a famous restaurant in Vung Ro. Photo: BYn_ThYnh

The restaurant operates all year round, so no matter what season you visit, you can come to enjoy seafood, the price does not fluctuate much, the source of seafood is abundant. The plus point of this restaurant is the friendly staff, quick service even though it’s crowded, so you won’t have to wait long. 

Menu at Bon Thinh restaurant. Photo: Bon Thinh Floating FB

Address: Vung Ro, Hoa Tam, Dong Hoa town, Phu Yen.

5. Thang Phuong floating raft restaurant 

This is a seafood restaurant in Vung Ro that is very popular with tourists because, in addition to delicious food, the restaurant also has excellent customer support services. The space of Thang Phuong restaurant is very beautiful, airy, with a decor gate for visitors to live virtual. Fresh seafood, juicy, attractive processing, diverse menu. 

Check-in gate at Be Floating Bon Thinh restaurant. Photo: FB Floating Friends Four Thinh

In particular, the shop supports speakers and mics for guests to sing, free canoe tours around Vung Ro Bay and the numberless ship relic. Just supported with many services and delicious food, surely this restaurant in Vung Ro will be an address worth your visit. 

In addition to delicious food at Thang Phuong restaurant, you will also be supported with many services. Photo: FB/ Floating Raft Thang Phuong

Address:  Residential area of ​​Vung Ro market, Hoa Xuan Nam, Dong Hoa, Phu Yen

The seafood restaurants in Vung Ro are mainly raft restaurants on the sea surface, so the space is very airy and the sea view is beautiful. Enjoying delicious seafood in a space filled with the flavor of the sea will surely be a memorable experience for your Vung Ro Bay cruise. 

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