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The experience of choosing to buy gifts when traveling to Vung Tau is meaningful with the address

Visiting the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau, you have many choices of specialties as both delicious and meaningful gifts. So do you know how to buy gifts when traveling to Vung Tau? Please refer to the suggestions below to choose the most suitable gift for yourself when traveling to Vung Tau.

What to buy when traveling to Vung Tau?

Buying gifts when traveling to Vung Tau, you have a lot of different choices from specialties, seafood, and souvenirs. Here are some suggestions for buying gifts when going to Vung Tau you can refer to: 

1. Dried seafood 

What should Vung Tau tourism buy as a gift? First of all, there is famous dried seafood in Vung Tau such as Dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid, … Dried food caught in Vung Tau waters is still fresh and delicious, then processed cleanly. and seasoned with spices. Therefore, Vung Tau dried seafood is loved by many tourists with its natural freshness and sweetness. Especially, pineapple fish is crispy, fatty, and delicious. Pineapple fish on a sunny day are vacuum-packed for visitors to easily buy as gifts. 

– Address: Vung Tau Night Market (Thang Tam Ward), dry seafood barn number 326 Tran Phu, Xom Luoi Vung Tau market Nguyen Cong Tru.

The experience of choosing to buy gifts when traveling to Vung Tau is meaningful with the address
Dried seafood is loved by many tourists when coming to Vung Tau

2. Fresh seafood

Vung Tau is famous for its sea paradise owning an abundant source of seafood with all kinds of fresh for you to choose from such as: Snails, clams, tiger shrimp, squid, stingrays, snails, nail snails, oysters, etc. Squid, mackerel…. Seafood prices range from 100,000/kg/depending on the type. Experience is that you should take a walk around the market to choose the shop with the cheapest price and the freshest food. To buy fresh seafood, you should ask the store owner to pack ice cubes to preserve and bring back fresh.

– Address: Ben Da market (526 Tran Phu), Co Giang market (29 Co Giang street), Xom Luoi market (Nguyen Cong Tru).

Vung Tau is a paradise of fresh seafood

3. Tri Hai fish sauce 

The next specialty of Vung Tau as a gift must be the famous and delicious Tri Hai fish sauce in Vung Tau. Many tourists when having the opportunity to Vung Tau find and buy Tri Hai fish sauce as gifts for relatives and friends. Tri Hai fish sauce is famous for its delicious, rich flavor of fresh fish. Besides fish sauce, Tri Hai brand also offers shrimp paste, shrimp paste, fish sauce… So, when you have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau, you should choose to buy yourself delicious bottles of Tri Hai fish sauce to enjoy. family enjoy and make meaningful gifts. 

– Address: Store No. 22 Lot C3, No. 417 Truong Cong Dinh (Vung Tau City), the commercial center of Ba Ria Vung Tau town.

Tri Hai fish sauce is famously delicious

4. Salted egg sponge cake

Buying gifts when traveling to Vung Tau is delicious and cheap, you cannot ignore the famously delicious salted egg sponge cake. Vung Tau is famous for its cake made with traditional flavors and has a characteristic sweet taste. Enjoying salted egg sponge cake, you will feel the greasy taste of butter and cheese, and the salty, fleshy taste of salted eggs. In Vung Tau, there are many ovens that make salted egg sponge cakes according to traditional recipes. Cakes are packed into boxes for visitors to choose to buy as gifts. 

– Address: Tho bakery at 14B Nguyen Truong To or A Ty bakery, 6 Do Chieu.

Famous salted egg sponge cake in Vung Tau

5. Con Dao peanut jam 

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Vung Tau ? Bang nut jam is a famous delicious specialty of the land of Con Dao Vung Tau, which is loved by many tourists. You can choose ginger sugar-sweet jam or salted roasted almonds depending on your taste. Enjoy the tangy and greasy almond jam mixed with spices to increase attractiveness. The price of almond jam is about 200,000 VND/kg.

– Address: You can buy almond jam at Vung Tau night market

The famous delicious Con Dao peanut jam

6. Silk

Buying gifts when going to Vung Tau, you should not ignore famous silk products with good, comfortable and cool materials. Therefore, many tourists when coming to Vung Tau choose to buy themselves silk stalls to choose the most satisfactory fabric as a meaningful gift for their loved ones. In addition, silk shops in Vung Tau also sell beautifully designed brocades for you to buy as gifts. 

– Address: Family Silk Shop at 34 Quang Trung Street, Vung Tau.

Silk products are loved by many tourists when coming to Vung Tau

7. Souvenirs – handicrafts 

Buying gifts when traveling to Vung Tau means that you cannot ignore souvenirs and handicrafts. These are gifts made from all kinds of shells and shells that bring the breath of the Vung Tau sea. You can choose for yourself lovely wind chimes made from colorful snail shells or rings, key chains…. The price of handicrafts and souvenirs in Vung Tau is only 10,000 VND. . 

– Address: Vung Tau night market (Thang Tam ward), Le Loi junction area (Trung Trac – Trung Nhi street)

Vung Tau is also a paradise for buying souvenirs
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Notes when buying Vung Tau tourist gifts 

Buy gifts in Vung Tau to choose both delicious and meaningful items, you can refer to some more notes below: 

– For shopping at the market, you should take a walk around to choose the freshest items and the most reasonable prices. In particular, with fresh seafood at the Vung Tau market, there are many types with different prices for you to choose from. 

– Buying gifts at specialty stores in Vung Tau usually has guaranteed quality, but the price is often higher than buying at the market. 

– For those of you traveling by plane, you should give priority to buying dried seafood instead of fresh. 

– Find out information from friends or locals in advance to choose the right reputable address and good price. 

That’s the whole suggestion to buy gifts when traveling to Vung Tau that is both delicious and cheap. Hopefully, the above advice will help you choose the most meaningful gift when coming to Vung Tau. You can refer to the Vung Tau’s travel experience . 

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