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Thuy Tien Beach Vung Tau – a sea paradise to cool off on a summer day

Besides the famous Front and Back beaches, the coastal city of Vung Tau also has many beautiful beaches. Which, Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau is famous for its wild beauty, turquoise sea, and fine white sand.

Where is Thuy Tien beach located in Vung Tau? 

Thuy Tien Beach is located at 01, B4, in Ward 10, Vung Tau City. This place owns a wild and poetic sea paradise with clear blue sea. The beach is suitable for bathing, sightseeing and exploring the fishing village of fishermen. Coming to Thuy Tien beach, visitors will be immersed in the cool water, relax and participate in attractive entertainment activities such as volleyball, kite flying, soccer… 

The most ideal time to go to Thuy Tien Vung Tau beach is from May to October. At this time, the climate in Vung Tau is cool, sunny and suitable for fun activities, sightseeing and relaxation. Alternatively, you can go at other times, but it is advisable to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid sudden rains.

Thuy Tien Beach Vung Tau – a sea paradise to cool off on a summer day
Thuy Tien beach attracts tourists with its wild beauty

How to go to Thuy Tien beach Vung Tau? 

Experience going to Thuy Tien Vung Tau beach, to move to the beach you can follow the route QL51C in the direction of Saigon -> go through the Paradise Golf Resort and you will see a fork with signposts going to Long Cung. Resort -> drive straight to the end of the road to see Thuy Tien beach. 

If you do not know the way or are not convenient to travel by motorbike, you can take a bus from Saigon to Vung Tau, from the city center you follow Do Luong and Ba Thang Hai streets about 7.1km to reach the beach. shower. Or you can take a taxi from Saigon to Vung Tau, the advantage of this way is that it is fast and convenient, but the cost is quite high, ranging from 700,000 VND to 800,000 VND/time.

How to get to Thuy Tien beach?

Swim, have fun and check-in virtual life at Thuy Tien beach 

What is Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau? Visiting this beautiful beach, visitors will admire the beautiful unspoiled sea. Not as crowded as Front Beach , Back Beach or Ho Coc… Thuy Tien beach attracts tourists with its beautiful and peaceful seascape. You can take a walk around the beach, watch the fishing boats of fishermen from afar or leisurely on the fine white sand inhaling the salty taste of the sea.

Beautiful sea view of Thuy Tien beach

An interesting experience that attracts visitors when coming to Thuy Tien beach is waking up early in the morning to admire the beautiful sunrise. In the early morning, you will see the fishermen’s fishing boat returning to the mainland after a full day of fishing. Or you can watch the beautiful romantic sunset in the late afternoon. 

Admire the beautiful romantic sea scene at Thuy Tien beach. Photo: leanh_nguyen92

Traveling to Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau is impossible without swimming. You will be immersed in the cool water of the sea relaxing or sunbathing on the sand. In front of that beautiful seascape, it is indispensable to have beautiful virtual check-in photos as a souvenir. In which, the angle taken with the lighthouse is loved by many tourists. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach and majestic mountains below. 

Beautiful virtual check-in corners at Thuy Tien beach. Photo: dulichvietnam

If you go in a large group, you can organize teambuilding activities to have fun on the beach. Or play volleyball, tug of war, windsurfing… on Thuy Tien beach. 

Enjoy swimming and relaxing at Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau. Photo: halotravel

Admire the romantic sunset at Thuy Tien beach

What to eat when going to Thuy Tien beach Vung Tau?

Eating at Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau certainly cannot ignore fresh seafood dishes. To save money, it is best to bring or rent a grill and buy seafood from fishermen and cook it yourself. The seafood sold in the morning is very fresh and cheap, you will be free to cook your favorite dishes. Or you can eat seafood sold on the shore with all kinds of crabs, clams, snails, shrimp, squid… Enjoy the food and enjoy the beautiful sea view.

Enjoy seafood right on Thuy Tien beach

The beach area also has many delicious restaurants selling seafood for visitors to choose from. The restaurants are set up in cool coconut-roofed huts, but the food prices are a bit high. In addition, you can bring cooking utensils to organize camping at Thuy Tien beach. 

Lots of delicious fresh seafood

Tourist places near Thuy Tien beach 

You can combine visiting famous places near Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau such as:

Long Cung Beach (600m away) : Is a famous beach in Vung Tau attracting tourists to swim, play and relax. You can organize camping and picnics or book a resort at Long Cung Resort because at Thuy Tien beach, accommodation services have not been developed. 

Chi Linh Beach (1.2km) : Also known as Chi Linh tourist village, it is located close to the beach with beautiful views of the sea, hills and valleys, ideal for relaxation. Coming to Chi Linh tourist village, visitors will be able to swim, camp, relax and eat. 

Doi Duong (3.6km) : This is a little-known beach in Vung Tau, suitable for camping and weekend fun for tourists who want a quiet space.

Combine going to Doi Duong beach in Vung Tau. Photo: haivan

Notes when going to Thuy Tien beach

Visiting Thuy Tien beach in Vung Tau , you should also know the following notes:

– It is possible to book a room near Thuy Tien beach, but there are not many services so visitors can combine booking at nearby resorts such as: Long Cung resort, The Maris Vung Tau villa… 

– Bring swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and necessary tools. 

– About eating and drinking you can enjoy at a restaurant near the beach or a nearby eating place. 

– Visitors can buy seafood caught by fishermen in the early morning as a gift and ask them to pack Styrofoam boxes for preservation.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a memorable trip when visiting Thuy Tien Vung Tau beach . When visiting the beautiful coastal city, you should also save useful  Vung Tau tourism information.

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