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Virtual life ‘fires up’ at cafes with beautiful Tet decorations in Vung Tau

Coming to the beautiful Tet decoration cafes in Vung Tau below, you can not only enjoy delicious drinks, but also enjoy the beautiful and sparkling virtual check-in. Let’s take a look at which cafes in Vung Tau below!

Beautiful Tet decoration cafes in Vung Tau 

Let’s take a look at the beautiful Tet decoration cafes in Vung Tau that are heavily checked-in by young people below!

1. Babylon Garden 

– Address: No. 5 Vi Ba, Ward 1, Vung Tau City 

Coming to Babylon Garden on the days of Tet to spring, you will be delighted to check-in beautifully with super beautiful decor corners. The shop is very focused on decorating the shop filled with Tet space with red lanterns, firecrackers, winter peach branches, banh chung, and red watermelon. Not only decorating the interior space, Babylon Garden also decorates the outside area with apricot and peach branches and is extremely willing to play when preparing the head of a dragon and unicorn for visitors to live virtual to ensure that the picture is automatically shimmering.

Virtual life ‘fires up’ at cafes with beautiful Tet decorations in Vung Tau
Babylon Garden is bustling with a joyful spring atmosphere. Photo: FB.Ngoc Vo

Beautiful virtual living corners at Babylon Garden. Photo: FB.Ngoc Vo

2. Ancient Steps 

– Address: No. 94 Le Hong Phong, Ward 7, Vung Tau City

It would be a big mistake to mention the beautiful Tet decoration cafes in Vung Tau , but ignore the Old Throne located on Le Hong Phong street. As the name suggests, the shop has a bold old decor style, suggesting the traditional Tet of the nation. It is an image of a couplet, an old black and white television, an antique motorbike, an antique bicycle, a vintage table and chair. So when you come to Them Xua shop, you should choose for yourself beautiful ao dai to live a virtual life.

The Old Shelf has beautiful decor to attract tourists to live virtual life

Wearing ao dai, posing for Tet photo shoots at Thom Xua. Photo: FB. Mai Huong

3. My dear cafe Studio

– Address: No. 85A Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

If you still don’t know that Vung Tau has a beautiful Tet decoration cafe, then Em My cafe Studio is the top destination that you should not miss. My dear, Cafe Studio has a not too large space, but the decor is extremely cute and beautiful. You can live virtual in the area inside the shop with peach branches, old televisions and vintage furniture. Or the area outside the shop is decorated extremely cute with lanterns, tables and chairs. Moreover, the drinks at Em O cafe Studio are reviewed as super delicious, and the price is cheap. Isn’t it great, so let’s make a team of sisters and aunties!

My dear, Studio cafe is decorated super pretty during Tet. Photo: FB. Ngoc Vo

Beautiful virtual living corners at Em My cafe Studio. Photo: FB. Ngoc Vo

4. Yoko Coffee

– Address: Street No. 7, Dien Bien Phu, Long Hai Town, Ba Ria City

Yoko Coffee is one of the beautiful New Year decoration cafes in Vung Tau that young people check-in today in the spring and have beautiful pictures. Coming to Yoko Coffee, you will be free to choose very good background corners. The highlight of the restaurant is the typical yellow and red tones of spring. Yoko Coffee is always crowded with groups of friends, families and children coming to enjoy drinks, beautiful scenery and virtual life. So what are you waiting for, don’t hit it right away.

Yoko Coffee attracts children to virtual life. Photo: anchoivungtau

The atmosphere is bustling with spring colors at the shop. Photo: anchoivungtau

5. Round Corner

– Address: No. 78 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ward 8, Vung Tau City

Tron Corner is a beautiful Tet photography cafe in Vung Tau that is decorated with the spring atmosphere of the 80s – 90s. The standout tone of the shop is the vibrant red color, which is drums, wallpaper, unicorn heads and gladiolus flowers. . Coming to Tron Corner, you will enjoy scrumptious delicious drinks and live a beautiful virtual life.

Round Corner is decorated with bold spring colors

Beautiful virtual living corner at the shop

6. Fragrant Lane 

– Address: 152/7/4 Ba Cu, Ward 4, Vung Tau City

The next beautiful Tet decoration cafe in Vung Tau that luhanhvietnam wants to share with you is Ngo Thom Alley in Ba Cu, Ward 4. Just stepping into the shop, you can feel the bustling Tet atmosphere. In the early spring days, the shop is decorated with all kinds of colorful lanterns, peach blossoms, chrysanthemum flowers. Inside the shop are antique tables and chairs and televisions, vintage teapots for you to enjoy selfie.

Alley Thom has a beautiful shimmering virtual living space. Photo: FB. Vu Van Tuyen

The outside space is decorated with spring colors. Photo: FB. Vu Van Tuyen

7. Route 14 Coffee & Tea  

– Address: 80 Truong Cong Dinh, Ward 3, City. Vung Tau, Vung Tau

Route 14 Coffee & Tea features brown and white as the main color to bring a cozy and gentle space. Every virtual living corner at the shop is ideal for virtual check-in. The restaurant has a spacious space and is planted with many cool green trees. Come to Route 14 Coffee & Tea in the evening with sparkling lights ideal for dating.

Route 14 Coffee & Tea attracts young people to virtual life. Photo: Haanlthy, ph.kimmm. 

Close-up of virtual living corners at Route 14 Coffee & Tea. Photo: Haanlthy, ph.kimmm. 
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8. Lightroom Coffee  

– Address: 2 Alley 2 Hai Dang, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

Impressive Lightroom Coffee with beautiful romantic sea view is loved by many visitors to live virtual. The shop has a spacious space, antique design and is divided into many beautiful decorated floors. In particular, the rooftop area at the restaurant has a beautiful view of the shimmering sea. Drinks at the shop are diverse with all kinds of tea, coffee, smoothies, fresh cream… Lightroom Coffee is loved by young people with beautiful views and reasonable prices.

Lightroom Coffee has a beautiful sea view. Photo: Tiephan58, tieeungoc.

Many beautiful check-in corners at the shop. Photo: Tiephan58, tieeungoc.

With the above list of beautiful Tet decoration cafes in Vung Tau , you will be able to own yourself beautiful photo albums, post facebook, instagram, get that storm of likes and shares. In addition, you can also refer to more useful Vung Tau tourism information when exploring the beautiful scenery of the coastal city! 

Photo: Internet

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