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Big Mountain Vung Tau – beautiful virtual coordinates that make young people standstill

Big Mountain Vung Tau is an attractive destination for young people to trek, visit and check in to live a ravishing virtual life. Let’s “pocket” the experiences of going to Lon Mountain in detail through the following article to have the most interesting discovery trip.

Locating coordinates of Big Mountain Vung Tau 

Where is Big Mountain in Vung Tau located? Also known as Tuong Ky or Dai Son, Big Mountain in Vung Tau is located at Vi Ba, Vung Tau city. This mountain is very famous in the coastal city and has become a tourist attraction with its mesmerizing beauty. Big Mountain has an area of ​​about 400ha, the peak is about 254m above sea level. In particular, when visiting Big Mountain, visitors will visit many famous monuments such as: Statue of Our Lady, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, White Palace… 

Big Mountain Vung Tau – beautiful virtual coordinates that make young people standstill
Big Mountain is a tourist attraction in Vung Tau

When standing from the top of Big Mountain in Vung Tau, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama of the vibrant coastal city. Let’s breathe in the fresh air blowing from the sea to relax and dispel all the fatigue of life. Big Mountain is an ideal destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau. 

The road to Big Mountain has beautiful scenery. Photo: mia

How to get to Big Mountain in Vung Tau 

The experience of going to Vung Tau Big Mountain said that to move to this famous mountain you can refer to the following ways: 

Option 1: Take the cable car to Ho May tourist area

This way of moving will cost you 100,000 VND/adult and 50,000 VND/child. The cable car ride is suitable for the elderly and children and moves quickly. Ho May tourist area is located on the top of Big Mountain, so visitors will travel conveniently and enjoy the beautiful scenery here to the fullest.

Take the cable car at Ho May resort to Nui Lon

Option 2: Go through Vi Ba street

This is the road leading to Big Mountain, which has been paved with plastic, which is very convenient for traveling by motorbike or on foot. Note that, if you go by car, you need to pay attention to the roads with narrow bends. You just need to follow Vi Ba road to reach Big Mountain. At the end of the road is the Ancient Cannon Battlefield. On the way there are bars of water and snacks, you can stop to rest.

Option 3: Move through alley 444, Tran Phu

To move to Vung Tau Big Mountain , you can also go through alley 444 on Tran Phu street. However, the alley is quite narrow so it is not possible to travel by car. When traveling by this road, you will admire the beautiful scenery, one side is the sea view and the other side is rocky mountains ideal for stopping to take pictures.

Going through alley 444, Tran Phu reaches Big Mountain. Photo: mia

What is there to discover Vung Tau Big Mountain?

What does Vung Tau Lon Mountain have to play? Visitors will be able to visit many famous destinations in Nui Lon such as: 

Shakyamuni Buddha Temple

The first is Thich Ca Phat Dai Pagoda located on Big Mountain with the largest Buddhist architecture in our country. The pagoda is divided into three levels according to the tower shape as: 

– Level 1: It is the Tam Quan area and grows all kinds of flowers. 

– Level 2: Traditional souvenir display area and pool house area. 

– Level 3: Buddha Tich and Thien Lam Tu.

Shakyamuni Buddha Temple is located in Big Mountain. Photo: @quachngocdiem

Statue of Our Lady of Bai Dau

This famous work includes the statue of the Virgin Mary and the holy temple located on the top of Big Mountain opposite Dau beach. Visiting this architectural complex, visitors will discover many famous religious works such as: Stone Chapel, 14 Ways of the Cross, souvenir shop…

The statue of Our Lady of Bai Dau was built in 1992, is 25m high, and weighs 500 tons. To visit the statue of Our Lady, visitors can follow the road to the top of the mountain to admire the beautiful panorama here.

Statue of Our Lady of Bai Dau. Photo: @garmonizacia_8

White House

The next step that you should not miss when exploring Vung Tau Big Mountain is the White Palace. This place is impressive with its extremely palatial and magnificent beauty. The White Palace is located on the side of the Big Mountain, with a luxurious European architectural design. The White Palace used to be the resort of Emperor Bao Dai and many presidents under the Republic of Vietnam. 

From the White Palace , visitors will admire the beautiful scenery around. The White Palace is home to many precious antiques that attract tourists to visit and learn about history. With a convenient location, located between Bai Dau and Front Beach, Bach Dinh is chosen by many tourists when coming to Big Mountain.

Check-in White House. Photo: gody

Ho May Park

Ho May tourist area owns a beautiful scene like a fairyland and is chosen by many tourists when coming to Big Mountain. Exploring Ho May Park, visitors will admire the beautiful artificial lake, entertainment and ecological garden, waterfall… The ticket price to Ho May tourist area is 400,000 VND/adult, 1m child – 1m3 is 200,000 VND.

Ho May Park – a paradise of entertainment and virtual life. Photo: mia

Notes when going to Vung Tau Big Mountain

Visiting Vung Tau Big Mountain, you should also understand some necessary notes below:

– See the weather forecast before you go for the most complete fun and exploration. 

– Bring a camera to capture beautiful moments at Big Mountain. 

– Sports shoes should be worn to facilitate walking and sightseeing. 

– You can eat and drink at the restaurant in the Ho May tourist area. 

– If you go on Tet holidays or weekends, you should arrange your time to go early to avoid having to wait in long lines to buy tickets.

– You can visit other famous destinations near Big Mountain such as Christ the King Statue, Small Mountain, Vung Tau lighthouse,…

Above is the entire experience of going to Vung Tau Lon Mountain, the most interesting experience. Hope to help you have the most complete fun and discovery trip in this fairyland. In addition, you can refer to: Detailed Vung Tau travel experience

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