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Small Mountain Vung Tau – a beautiful shimmering virtual paradise that makes young people “standstill”

Along with Big Mountain, Small Mountain Vung Tau has become the leading tourist attraction in the beautiful coastal city. With the detailed experience of discovering Small Mountain below, it promises to help you have a trip with many memories and live a “quality” virtual life when you have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau .

Locating the coordinates of Small Mountain Vung Tau

Small Mountain Vung Tau , also known as Tao Phung Mountain, is over 170m high and has a total area of ​​100ha. Small Mountain is located close to the beach, so to explore the beautiful scenery here you have to travel through many routes and admire the beautiful “fairyscape” along the way. The area at the foot of Small Mountain is a coastal road, with full-service restaurants, hotels and eateries. From a Small mountain, visitors will easily move to Nghinh Phong peak and cover Vong Nguyet beach and beautiful Huong Phong beach.

Small Mountain is an attractive place for tourists to visit when coming to Vung Tau. Photo: vietfuntravel

How to get to Vung Tau Small Mountain? 

To get to Vung Tau Small Mountain , depart from the city center, go along Thirty-April Street -> turn onto Pham Hong Thai Street -> go all the way to Le Loi Street, turn right onto Hoang Dieu Street -> Park Front Beach -> go to Ha Long Street from the hydrofoil area to reach Small Mountain. The sea route around Small Mountain is considered the most beautiful in the coastal city of Vung Tau. In particular, this is also one of the Vung Tau coastal road trips that are loved by many tourists. Therefore, when moving here, you should stop to check in virtual life. 

Small Mountain Vung Tau – a beautiful shimmering virtual paradise that makes young people “standstill”
The road to Small Mountain has many beautiful scenes for virtual living. Photo: cattour

From the foot of Small Mountain, you can easily move to Lighthouse and Statue of Christ according to the following instructions:

Go to the Statue of Christ

To get to the Statue of Christ, you go in the direction of Thuy Van to Tao Phung park. Next, walk about 800 steps to reach the top of the mountain. To admire the beautiful view of the whole city, you need to climb about 130 spiral stairs. Note, because the travel distance is quite long, you should bring drinking water. 

Path to the Statue of God

Move to the Lighthouse 

Starting from Back Beach, go straight to the end of Hoang Hoa Tham Street -> turn left to the direction of Ha Long Street -> turn left and follow the small slope to Hai Dang Street -> go to the end of the main road is the Lighthouse. 

The beautiful cotton road when moving to the lighthouse. Photo: mia

Admire the beautiful scenery at Vung Tau Small Mountain 

Exploring Vung Tau Small Mountain , visitors will admire the statue of Christ from above, check in the way to the lighthouse and visit the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia.

Visit the Statue of Christ

The first step in the journey to discover the beauty of Small Mountain is the Statue of Christ, also known as the statue of God. This is also the largest statue of God in Asia and is considered a symbol of the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau. The statue of God is about 30m high and has two arms 18m long, the area inside the statue is a spiral staircase. From the top of the statue, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama of Vung Tau like a charming painting. When visiting this place, you should pay attention to dress neatly, politely and should not wear shorts, short skirts. 

Check-in the beautiful Statue of Christ. Photo: dulichvietnam

The path to the beautiful lighthouse 

Vung Tau Lighthouse is located on a beautiful road, with the city, the sea on one side and the mountainside on the other. Here you will be able to freely check in live virtual beautiful romantic pictures like being “lost” in the middle of Korea. From Thuy Van beach, you go along Hoang Hoa Tham street, turn into Ha Long street, you will see the slope moving to the ancient lighthouse. In particular, if you visit the lighthouse in the period from April to May, you will admire the white cotton flowers blooming on both sides of the road along with the beautiful blue sea view. 

The path leads to the lighthouse. Photo: chudu24

Check-in Vung Tau lighthouse

Small Mountain Vung Tau has nothing to play ? One of the most attractive destinations for tourists when coming to Small Mountain is the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia. Vung Tau Lighthouse has an age of up to 150 years, built-in 1870, attracting tourists to visit with ancient architecture. The lighthouse has a circular tower design, 18m high and has a beautiful solid tunnel. Standing on the top of the lighthouse, you will admire the peak of Minh Dam mountain and the beach from afar. The area at the foot of the lighthouse is a display of ancient cannons kept from the anti-French resistance war. 

The night is the ideal time to admire the beautiful view of the lighthouse. At this time, the whole city begins to light up beautifully, ideal for keeping beautiful pictures as a souvenir. From the lighthouse, visitors can easily move to the beautiful Statue of God and Hon Ba. 

Check-in Vung Tau lighthouse. Photo: ivivu

Enjoy yogurt on the go

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery, when you explore Small Mountain, you can also enjoy the famous Co Tien yogurt specialty. On the way to visit, you can stop by Miss Tien’s shop to enjoy many delicious specialties such as yogurt, peach eggs, sponge cake… The most famous is the flexible, greasy and smooth yogurt. Reasonable prices and very friendly service. 

Enjoy super delicious yogurt on the go

Notes when visiting Small Mountain Vung Tau 

Visiting Vung Tau Small Mountain , you should also know a few notes below: 

– Be careful on the way, because the area of ​​​​the statue of God and the lighthouse has many stairs and dangerous mountain roads.  

– Wear loose, comfortable clothes and sports shoes for convenience when moving.  

– When visiting the lighthouse, you need to buy a parking ticket of 5,000 VND/ticket. Free admission.  

– Pay attention to preserving personal belongings and belongings carefully, because if you go on weekends or Tet holidays, the number of tourists visiting these two places is very crowded. 

– You can combine visiting famous places near Small mountains such as: Nirvana Tinh Xa, Con Heo hill, Japanese mines, Nghinh Phong cape or MILLA Nake Soul Pub…  

Small Mountain Vung Tau is an ideal stopover that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the coastal city. Not only can you relax on the romantic road, check-in virtual life of the ancient lighthouse, visit the statue of God, but you can also enjoy special cuisine at the beautiful Small Mountain. Besides, you can also refer to Vung Tau travel experience for useful information for the upcoming trip. 

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