14.04.2021, 12:23

Nice homestay in Vung Tau for a weekend vacation,

Homestay is a favorite type of stay for travelers for weekend outings with friends and family. If you are planning to go to Vung Tau, you can refer to the beautiful and popular destinations below for early booking.


Overall rating: 7.5 / 10

Price level: From 500,000 VND

Highlights: Designed in Mediterranean architecture with blue, white, swimming pool

What customers say?

Thuy Tien: “Nice and clean room. Cozy space, many beautiful corners for anyone who likes to take virtual live pictures. Friendly and enthusiastic staff. Cute owner. Homestay has swimming pool, large terrace. Eat and drink comfortably. I will continue to stop by when I come to Vung Tau “.

Nguyen An: “The hotel has a lot of virtual living places, the service is also good. I used to visit here, feeling very good, so I decided to book a room without thinking much. The 3 bed room is quite small and tight, there is no window curtain. The toilet smells so strong, it’s using water.


Overall rating: 7.5 / 10

Price: From 450,000 VND

Highlights: Near the center, with swimming pool, BBQ oven, motorbike and car rental service

What customers say?

Nhi Bui: “The manager is enthusiastic and friendly. The quadruple room has a private balcony, quite spacious and private. Kitchen tools are quite complete. However, both mattresses are not comfortable. street frontage so it is difficult to sleep at night due to the sound of traffic. The bathroom wall is yellowed.

Quynh Huong: “I live beside branch 2 on 3/2 street. Two lovely and gentle staff. Any guest who needs to borrow say you will be satisfied. The kitchen is full of spices and utensils. I like it here. Next time I will come here. “


Overall rating: 7/10

Price level: From 600,000 VND

Highlights: Many trees, overlooking the sea, BBQ garden, decorated bedrooms in many styles

What customers say?

Gody_travel: “A lovely homestay with main white tones, adorned with rows of romantic red roses. At this point, I feel as comfortable as returning to a small house in the suburbs of myself. a small garden yard, enough to hang a hammock, to relax in the afternoon and afternoon.

The suites here all have their own themes such as bohemian, Vintage, Tree, Sea … Sea La Vie is also equipped with beautiful small bicycles for guests to roam and watch the sea. If you do not want to go out, you can go to the terrace to see the sea “.


Overall rating: 7.5 / 10

Price: From 270,000 VND

Location: Tran Phu, Vung Tau City

Highlights: Santorini-style design with 2 main colors: white, blue, with balcony to enjoy the wind and many beautiful virtual living corners

What customers say?

Andy Truong: “Large and free car and motorbike parking. The location is about 20-25 minutes from Front Beach, Back Beach about 20-25 minutes by motorbike. New room, clean, air-conditioned, with fan, quiet. bunk beds 6-11 guests The homestay has a shared kitchen, balcony, garden, and a large terrace with swings.

His family is enthusiastic. The minus point is that the Wifi in the room is too weak, to go outside. The upper bunk feels uncertain. Because the BBQ party is outdoor, it is very dusty, must be cleaned and cleaned before a party “. Follow zingnews