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3 cafes decorated with Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City let you return to your childhood with beautiful photos to bring back

Another festive season is coming, to get a virtual live picture of the Mid-Autumn Festival, immediately save the super-fine and quality decorated cafes in Saigon.

On the street, many mooncake stalls have started to operate, and it is also time for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. This is not only a festive season loved by children, but also enjoyed by adults. Many cafes also decorate their decor to suit the festive season.

3 cafes decorated with Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City let you return to your childhood with beautiful photos to bring back

Here are the coffee shops where guests can check in with hundreds of paper and glass lanterns, and star lights… suitable for families with young children, so that the whole family can have a unique picture without having to squeeze. on a busy street.

April Tea Shop

Located on Nhieu Tu Street, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, April Tea Shop is one of the early Mid-Autumn Festival decor places. The shop is decorated for this festive season from outside the door to the inside, everywhere is filled with the colors of lanterns, star lights… Every small corner is decorated very thoughtfully to create a unique background. unique.

Photo: April tea shop.

Photo: Ngoc Ngoc Nguyen.

True to the name of the shop, here serves mainly tea. All drinks are beautifully decorated, you can drink water and eat fresh fruit at the same time. In addition, here the shop also serves snack cakes which are also highly appreciated for their quality and appearance. Drink prices here range from 35,000-70,000 VND.

Photo: April tea shop.


The shop is located on Doc Lap Street, Tan Quy Ward, Tan Phu District. The shop has a vintage style, mixed with a bit of modern. Coming here, you will feel close. The shop has an open space with many beautiful check-in corners.

Photo: Caffeine

And this Mid-Autumn Festival, the shop has decorated many virtual living corners for people to come here. In addition, the shop also has a childhood counter with many childhood snacks and toys. It is known that the shop also regularly changes the decor style to create a new feeling.

Photo: CafeIn.

Pineapple Coffee & Tea

Although the area is not large, but Khom Coffee & Tea still attracts young people to check-in thanks to many lively backgrounds. This is one of the cafes in Saigon that attracts young people, because the shop constantly changes its decor with the seasons.

Photo: Khom Coffee & Tea.

The shop is beautifully decorated with knitted tables and chairs. Trees and flowers are arranged reasonably. This place is suitable for those who love the rustic and want to be close to nature. Recently, the shop impressed with the decoration of the tulip garden.

Photo: Khom Coffee & Tea.

And every Mid-Autumn Festival, Khom also has a beautiful decor that impresses many diners. In addition, the drinks here are also quite appreciated.

Photo: Khom Coffee & Tea.

No need to be crowded on the streets, go to 3 cafes to check-in early to have the most sparkling Mid-Autumn photos.

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